‘The Voice’ Blind Auditions That Left The Judges Speechless

The Voice judges were left speechless after three blind auditions on the first nights of the Season 15 premiere knocked their socks off, setting the bar high for any other singers to follow. On the September 24 and 25 episodes of the NBC series, there were definitely some voices that stood out from the rest.

The blind auditions were enhanced by the happy and excited reactions of judges Adam Levine, Kelly Clarkson, Jennifer Hudson, and Blake Shelton.

Although there was plenty of talent to go around throughout the two nights of competition, there were three distinct singers that stood out from the crowd, according to USA Today.

Kennedy Holmes performed the tune “Turning Tables” made popular by Adele and at just 13-years-old, this singer from St. Louis delivered a rendition of song that scored a highly coveted “four-chair turn,” where all four judges turn to face the contestant and then, attempt to prove their point as to why they should be their coach for the season.

“I think she could win, I really do,” Shelton said to fellow coach Hudson.

“Very, very rarely does someone come around that kind of reignites our passion for what we do. And to hear you sing today did that,” said Levine.

Clarkson noted, “You deserved every one of these chairs turning around.”

“Thank you for coming to The Voice because our ratings are going to shoot through the roof this season,” Shelton said. “I think you’re the best vocalist that has auditioned this year. I want you to pick me as my coach so you can teach me how to sing like that.”




Country music singer Mikele Buck performed a cover of the tune “She Used to Be Mine” and almost didn’t make the cut save for a final second turnaround of both Clarkson and Shelton. Both claimed it was a strategy to score the singer.

DeAndre Nico also scored a four-chair turn after his version of Bruno Mars’ “When I Was Your Man.” The coaches battled it out between them to win the soulful singer for their team, citing his “greatness.”

Clarkson has a reputation to uphold after scoring her first team win during her first season of The Voice. Hudson scored a win for her team on The Voice UK and both Shelton and Levine have scored wins numerous times for their teams.

It will be fun to watch how the coaches battle it out for supremacy as the season wears on.

The Voice airs Mondays and Tuesdays on NBC.

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