Trump Toasts UN With Wine Glass Full Of Diet Coke And Twitter Explodes

Chris Kleponis-PoolGetty Images

It was quite the day for President Trump at the United Nations General Assembly on Tuesday. First, the President was subjected to laughter during a speech claiming that his administration is the most successful in history, as reported by the Inquistr. Later, he received more attention on the web when photos circulated depicting the 72-year-old making a toast with a wine glass full of Diet Coke.

In the photos, Trump was served a wine glass filled with Diet Coke poured from a bottle, which he then raised to the camera during a toast, all while displaying a wide smile. His actions today come after he previously shared his supposed distaste for the drink years ago on Twitter, as Mashable shared earlier today.

“I have never seen a thin person drinking Diet Coke,” claimed Trump.

The Daily Dot also pointed out another of Trump’s pre-presidential tweets in which he denounced the drink, claiming the beverage was “inverse to reason.” Yet, as the Daily Dot also highlighted, President Trump has been reported by to drink up to 12 Diet Cokes per day more recently per The New York Times. Regardless of the President’s habits or opinions of the unhealthy drink, Twitter users expressed a mixture of mockery and support for Trump’s Diet Coke toast.

One Twitter user put Trump on blast, calling him out for his hypocrisy.

“I’m down to shame Trump for this only because he’s talked MAD s*** about diet coke before. his blood is carbonated with the bubbles of hypocrisy.”

Still, others defended the President’s choice to abstain from alcohol, claiming that the President, of all people, should not be judged for making such a responsible choice. After all, according to Town & Country magazine, Donald lost his older brother Freddy Trump Jr. to alcoholism at the untimely age of 43. Reportedly, the president has told the story of his family’s loss publicly many times and has stated that the crisis had a “tremendous impact” on him.

“I’ve seen some Trump critics mock this today. Don’t. People drink, some don’t. They all have their reasons,” said one tweet.

“I don’t like Donald Trump at all…but I have done this and am not ashamed at all. He has reasons for not drinking alcohol and so do I…and there is no shame in that,” said another.

Alcohol is not the only substance against which Trump has taken a public stance. As the Inquistr previously reported, Trump’s speech Monday called on other nations to join the U.S. in adopting a strict drug enforcement policy around the world.