Taylor Swift Will Play An Unexpected Role In ‘Cats’ The Movie

Pascal Le SegretainGetty Images

When it was announced that Andrew Lloyd Webber was going to make a movie version of his musical Cats, an all-star cast was rattled off to place various roles in the film including James Corden, Jennifer Hudson, Ian McKellen, and Taylor Swift.

But while mega fans of Cats thought for sure they knew who Swift would play, Lloyd Webber says they are wrong. Town & Country says that many fans thought Swift, an admitted cat lady, would be a shoo-in to play Victoria, the all-white beautiful ballerina cat, but the Cats creator had another idea.

This week, Andrew Lloyd Webber announced that Swift would play Bombalurina or Demeter, who sings the song “Macavity the Mystery Cat” in the original musical.

“She’s going to play one or other of the ‘Macavity’ girls.”

Lloyd Webber says it was director Tom Hooper’s idea that Swift should be a “Macavity” girl instead of Victoria.

“Well, basically, Tom Hooper thought it was a really good idea, and of course, she loves cats. We’ll see. I mean, I haven’t met her, so I’m looking forward to meeting her and seeing her [at work].”

And if you are familiar with her Instagram, the singer does love her cats, Meredith Grey and Olivia Benson, who look to be Scottish Folds.

According to the Inquisitr, Cats will start filming in November and then be released for Christmas the following December. People close to production sense that Ian McKellen will want to play Gus the Theatre Cat in the musical based on the T.S. Eliot book of poems.

“Eliot’s tale features a variety of cats: tabby, marmalade, ginger and Siamese, delighting in names such as The Rum Tum Tugger, tricky Mr Mistoffelees, Macavity the mystery cat, Gus the theatre cat (I’m guessing McKellen might play him, if he’s confirmed for the film), Bustopher Jones the cat about town and The Old Gumbie Cat, Jennyanydots.”

James Corden perhaps dropped a hint at what role he will play at a royal tribute to Andrew Lloyd Webber in London. Corden dressed up as Rum Tum Tugger to introduce the famed musical maestro.

But if Taylor Swift isn’t going to play Victoria, the “perky white kitten,” who will? Nobody connected with the project at this time seems to be a fit to play the role which is now said to have a new song added just for the film, and with shooting starting in a bit over a month, perhaps Lloyd Webber and Hooper have some tricks up their sleeves.