Bill Cosby Will Not Lose His Hollywood Walk Of Fame Star After Prison Sentence

Mark Makela Getty Images

To say that Bill Cosby has fallen from grace would be an understatement. He’s lost the squeaky clean fatherly persona that he cultivated during his long stint as Cliff Huxtable on The Cosby Show. He also lost some of the awards he received as a result of the respected position he once held in the entertainment industry.

But one thing Bill Cosby hasn’t lost is his star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame. Page Six reports that the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce has no plans to remove Cosby’s star. They’ve justified their decision by saying the stars represent the lofty heights the celebrities have attained in the industry and nothing more.

“The stars only commemorate the recipient’s professional accomplishments,” said the statement from the Chamber Of Commerce. “Once installed, the stars become part of the historic fabric of the Walk of Fame … and are intended to be permanent.”

The Chamber went on to add that it’s “regrettable” when awardees fail to maintain acceptable standards of behavior but they insisted that they do not remove stars.

Cosby isn’t the only celebrity who has behaved reprehensibly and kept their star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame. As the Inquisitr previously reported, rock legend Jerry Lee Lewis married a 13-year-old girl. His star on the Walk Of Fame is still there, even though there were reports of domestic abuse by Lewis.

More recently, Kevin Spacey took a huge blow to his reputation because of sexual assault accusations. He was ejected from his starring role and executive producer spot on Netflix’s hit original series, House of Cards. He still has his star on The Walk Of Fame, though.

Cosby might have kept his star but he’s lost his freedom. As Page Six notes, today he was sentenced to three to 10 years in prison for aggravated indecent assault. The man who used to be called “America’s Dad” will now officially be considered a “sexually violent predator.”

“No one is above the law, and no one should be treated differently, or disproportionately, in terms of where they live, who they are, or in terms of wealth or philanthropy,” said Pennsylvania’s Montgomery County Judge Steven O’Neil as he handed down Cosby’s sentence.

Bill Cosby has lost five honorary university degrees since he was convicted, The Independent reports. The list includes Cosby’s alma mater Temple University as well as Carnegie Mellon University, Johns Hopkins University, Notre Dame, and Boston University.

Over a dozen colleges stripped him of their degrees before his conviction.

Today, the day of his sentencing, he also lost his Lifetime Achievement Award from the Television Critics Association of America.

“This marks the first time the TCA has repealed an award,” a press release from the organization read, as reported by Yahoo Entertainment.