Chris Christie Defends His Use Of Private Email

On Fox News Sunday, host Chris Wallace grilled Republican presidential candidate and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, in regards to his use of private email during the Bridgegate scandal. Wallace's comment came in response to Christie's attack on Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton for her use of private email while Secretary of State.

"You've had your own problems. During the height of the Bridgegate scandal, it turns out you and one of your top aides were texting one another, and it turned out about twelve of those texts were deleted. And also when you turned over your email to the state legislature, the only emails you turned over were from your private Yahoo! account. And as in the federal government, the state government in New Jersey says if you're conducting government business it should be on a government email account."
Christie didn't hesitate to defend himself against Wallace.
"My government business was conducted on a government email account. And the one email that you're referring to, and the only one they've released, involved a press release. So let's all remain calm. My press secretary sent it to my private email account -- I'm sure inadvertently -- and I responded.

"We cannot compare that, can we, to someone having a private email server in the basement of their home, where they did all of the government business on their private email server in their basement. We can't compare that to have national security secrets, we're really not, Chris, are we? Comparing a press release to having national security and classified documents running through a server that's not protected by the federal government? That could be hacked by the Russians, the Chinese, or a group of 18-year-old hackers who want to have some fun.

"We're really not comparing the fact that she's wiped away tens of thousands of emails that had relevant information on them because she just believes she's entitled to do that? Now let's talk about lawlessness and let's talk about openness. Everything I've done as governor has been an open book and I've answered everyone question anybody's ever had to answer. Can you hold Mrs. Clinton to that standard?

"I'll tell you something, I haven't seen it. The fact is the American people need to know they have a president who's willing to be open, and honest, and direct. And Mrs. Clinton is the opposite of those things."

Watch Christie's interview below.
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