Nicole Kidman Is Just Happy Keith Urban Has A Job

Nicole Kidman is a huge movie star, so what’s she doing with reality TV judge Keith Urban? Does his American Idol gig bother her? Not at all, actually. According to Urban, wife Kidman is just “happy that I have a job.”

Of course, Urban is no slouch himself. As a country singer, he has sold millions of records, played to sold-out arenas for tons of successful tours, and has quite a few Grammy Awards collecting dust on his mantle, reports MSN. He’s doing American Idol now, but it’s hardly a has-been dais this year. Urban joins superstar diva Mariah Carey and junior (albeit successful in her own right) diva Nicki Minaj as this year’s judges.

And apparently Oscar-winning Nicole Kidman is just fine with that.

It would have never occurred to me that she would be bothered, but the question came up in a recent interview with Zap2it anyway. Urban responded: “She’s just happy that I have a job! When I took this, it was like, ‘Oh, fantastic! We’re going to be in LA!’ Nic works there periodically. Then, of course, we started by not being in LA We’ve been going all around the country, to places like Oklahoma City and San Antonio and Charlotte.”

Aw, he calls her “Nic.”

Though Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are situated in Nashville, Tennessee, Kidman has been working in France and Urban has been traveling all over the country for Idol auditions.

Have you been watching American Idol? How do you think Keith Urban is doing?

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