Joe Scarborough Voices Concern Over Kavanaugh On Race, Says He Thinks Nominee Shouldn’t Be On Supreme Court

Rob KimGetty Images

There is plenty of controversy surrounding Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh this week. As people wait for Thursday’s highly-anticipated hearing involving Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough tackled another area where he thinks Kavanaugh is a problematic pick.

ABC News details that Joe Scarborough stopped by The View on Tuesday morning to chat with the panel. Joe and his Morning Joe co-host Mika Brzezinski discussed their thoughts on the Kavanaugh nomination and Scarborough took a moment to focus on something that came up when California Senator Kamala Harris was questioning the nominee.

Scarborough brought up the moment when Kavanaugh was asked whether he felt someone could be barred from entering the United States based solely on their race. Sen. Harris asked the nominee if he felt that was allowable, whether it be determined by Congress or the president, and Kavanaugh wouldn’t answer the question.

The Morning Joe host said that in his opinion, that non-answer alone should be enough to keep Kavanaugh from joining the Supreme Court. In fact, Scarborough said that this race-related question is what bothers him the most about this nominee, regardless of all the other controversy swirling about him.

As those who follow Scarborough know, he considers himself to be a conservative and he was a Republican until recently. In fact, Mika and Joe had been supportive of Donald Trump in the early days of his candidacy, although they both are routinely critical of him now.

Scarborough announced last October that he was formally leaving the Republican party and he has now registered as an Independent. During his time on the show Tuesday, the Daily Beast notes, the MSNBC host said he would be open to voting for Kamala Harris or any other Democrat who runs against Trump in the 2020 presidential campaign.

As The View chat continued, Scarborough said that he thinks Kavanaugh will make it onto the Supreme Court, even if he personally doesn’t think that should be the case. Things may get even messier this week in regard to this nomination since hotshot attorney Michael Avenatti has said he has a separate client ready to share new allegations against the nominee, per the Inquisitr. However, it’s not known who this involves or when more information may emerge.

Despite the chaos surrounding this nominee, President Donald Trump and high-profile Republicans have voiced their commitment to getting Brett Kavanaugh approved and onto the Supreme Court. Several Republican senators have held back on committing their vote either in favor or against this nominee and many will be interested to see whether issues like those raised by Joe Scarborough have an impact on this decision.