‘Riverdale’ Star Cole Sprouse Says It Wasn’t Love At First Sight With Girlfriend Lili Reinhart

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While there are some Hollywood romances that claim to be “love at first sight,” this certainly was not the case for Riverdale co-stars Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart.

Recently, the pair sat down for an interview with Glamour Magazine, where they opened up about a number of topics, including their relationship. In a cute video, the couple shared their thoughts of each other upon their first meeting and it wasn’t all sunshine and roses. For starters, Reinhart had less than positive things to say about the way Cole talks.

“I thought his voice was annoying. I was like, ‘That guy’s got an annoying voice.’ And now it’s grown on me, I guess,” the 22-year-old shared.

And Cole himself confessed that Lili was tough to get to know. Since she’s a very private person, the 26-year-old shared that he had a tough time getting her to open up as did the rest of the Riverdale cast.

“Lili was a tough egg to crack. She’s very shy at first and reserved. I think it was about halfway into the first season she started letting people in truly.”

But as the pair got to know each other better and better, they eventually hit things off. Currently, the pair regularly gush about each other on social media, especially on momentous occasions such as birthdays. And now that they’re dating, Cole has been singing Lili’s praises as the interview took a quick turn.

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“She’s one of those people that consistently pushes me to be better at the arts that I’m pursuing. That’s just the kind of person she is. She inspires excellence out of everybody she works with.”


And Lili also shared in the same sentiments as Cole. Though she didn’t particularly like his voice at first, she’s totally smitten with him now.

“Cole is one of the smartest, the smartest person that I’m friends with. He’s incredibly passionate about art, about photography, about acting, and I really admire that,” she shared.

She also called Cole his “own worst critic” after seeing him spending hours and hours editing film. But she does appreciate the fact that he’s an incredibly hard worker. And another plus in Reinhart’s book? Cole is very family-oriented and loyal to his family, which is definitely something that she can appreciate. And guess what? Cole feels the same way about Lili and her family ties.

“Maybe your mother inspired this in you, but you are by nature a caretaker and an extremely nurturing person. You just want to make people feel better and help people get through whatever they’re getting through.”

Fans of the couple can appreciate the fact that Riverdale returns to the CW on Oct. 10 at 8 p.m. eastern.