‘DWTS’ Romance Rumors: Sharna Burgess, Bobby Bones Share Great Chemistry, Fans Wonder If They’re Dating

Eric McCandlessABC

Dancing with the Stars fans love a good show-related romance and there are already people starting to buzz over the possibilities with Sharna Burgess and Bobby Bones. This DWTS couple seems to be having a fantastic time working together so far, and it looks like questions regarding a romantic relationship are already sprouting up.

Sharna Burgess says that she’s currently single, although DWTS fans had been rooting for a romantic pairing for her with partner Bonner Bolton back in Season 24. There were also rumors swirling last year when she partnered with Josh Norman, but nothing romantic ever came of either of those relationships.

Now, Dancing with the Stars fans are already asking enough questions this fall to lead Bobby Bones to address the possibility of dating Burgess. The site for Bobby’s radio show notes that fans have started wondering if Burgess and Bones have started dating since they are spending so much time together.

Bobby and Sharna did a quick video together and Bones acknowledged that he knew he would be asked if he and his Dancing with the Stars partner are together. He expertly avoided answering the question the way it was intended, leaving DWTS to continue speculating.

Bones said that he and Burgess are together every day working hard. He said that Sharna is his teacher and he feels like a toddler sometimes in rehearsals. Bobby did say that they do get to spend time together outside of rehearsals as humans and he’s found someone he thinks is really awesome.

Bobby said that’s where they’re at right now. The DWTS contestant said they’re just working toward the same goal with hopes that at the end of the season they’re holding the mirrorball trophy together. Throughout the short video clip, Sharna just watched her partner as he talked and nodded along with what he was saying.

Could the 33-year-old dance professional and 38-year-old radio host become the next big romantic couple on Dancing with the Stars? This is a show that has been responsible for a handful of successful relationships, so it doesn’t seem impossible for fans to feel hopeful about this.

After Monday’s DWTS premiere, Burgess took to Instagram to praise Bones. Sharna said that Bobby left her speechless, a first for her, and she noted his endless hard work and dedication. She loves his energy, spirit, and heart, and she told him to never change.

Sharna Burgess and Bobby Bones will be back with another dance for Tuesday night’s episode and Dancing with the Stars fans are hoping they’ll be safe so they can stick around and let those romance rumors blossom. Could Sharna and Bobby have a shot at both the mirrorball trophy and at finding love with one another? DWTS fans are definitely buzzing about this duo and can’t wait to see what they do next.