Six Flags St. Louis Is Giving A Cash Prize For Anyone Who Can Stay In A Coffin For 30 Hours

Six Flags St. Louis is really going all out for Halloween this year. The company will be awarding a $300 cash prize to anyone who can spend 30 hours in an actual coffin. Why 30 hours, you ask? CBS News reports that The Six Flags location in St. Louis is commemorating the 30th anniversary of its Fright Fest, an event dedicated to all things scary.

According to the company’s website, six people will be chosen to spend time in the coffin. If they want to win, they won’t be able to leave the claustrophobic coffin — except for pre-scheduled bathroom breaks. Competitors can have a friend stay with them while the theme park is open, though after closing time they’ll be on their own — or joined by the “Fright Fest freaks” who will be creeping around in the night.

If more than one person lasts the full 30 hours, then there will be a random draw for the winner’s name amongst those that went the distance. The winner will also get some additional perks — including two 2019 Gold Season passes. The Gold Season passes give the bearer unlimited access to the theme park, and water park. You can also win a Fright Fest Prize Package which will give you access to the haunted house and the Freak Train.

But the strangest prize would have to be the coffin.

“That’s right — the handcrafted coffin is yours to keep!” the competition announcement on the Six Flags website reads.

The coffin sleeping competition will start on Saturday, October 13 and will last until 7:00 pm on Sunday, October 14.

Six Flags St. Louis has designed the competition so that it’s not too uncomfortable for participants, according to the St. Louis Dispatch. Competitors are allowed to use their own blankets and pillows. The theme park will also supply snacks and drinks. Participants will also have access to a phone charging station — a cell phone may likely be the best thing to distract players from the fact that they are sleeping in something so creepy.

It’s a competition that’s obviously isn’t for anyone who is claustrophobic. But if you’re 18 years old or over — and don’t have any medical conditions that would make coffin dwelling a danger to your health — you can enter.

There’s a sign-up page on the company’s website, and would-be participants have until October 3 get their name on it.

According to the Six Flags website, Fright Fest St. Louis will take place on select days between September 28 and October 28. In addition to the coffin dwelling competition, the festival will also feature spooky performances, haunted attractions, and other spine-tingling delights for anyone who is into that sort of thing.