Jenny McCarthy Gets Inked During Super Bowl Blackout

Not to waste any time, while others were complaining about the 20-minute downtime during the Super Bowl, Jenny McCarthy decided to get some fresh ink instead when the power outage happened on Sunday night.

The autism activist tweeted a photo early Monday of her fresh ink, which covers most of the top of her right foot. McCarthy tweeted: “Got a new tattoo during half time black out. So excited 2 b wearing heels on The Today Show this morning. Ouch.”

It’s not surprising that she would post how painful her rose tattoo was. Apparently, in terms of pain, the foot ranks as number four of the top most painful places to get a tattoo. However, that wasn’t the only thing she was doing during the Super Bowl weekend. McCarthy hosted a kickoff party Leather & Laces on Friday night in New Orleans. Also, the comedian, and centerfold was in the middle of promoting her television return. McCarthy will appear on a new show titled The Jenny McCarthy Show on VH1.

According to McCarthy, it seems as though today was a whole day of pain, and she expressed it on Twitter, tweeting:

“Cramps on press tour. Doing Kathy lee and Hoda next. Hoping they have a heating pad and Whisky. Wait of course they will have Whisky.”

Sounds like the same girl that rose to fame in the 90s as a wacky co-host on the MTV show Singled Out.

What do you think of foot tattoos? Do you like the rose design Jenny McCarthy got inked?