Supporters Of Donald Trump Believe A Hilariously Doctored Photo Of Him Rescuing Hurricane Victims Is Real

Alex Wong Getty Images

Supporters of Donald Trump have been duped by a hilariously fake and doctored photo of the president on a personal mission to rescue victims stranded by the fierce floods of Hurricane Florence.

According to Raw Story, it was New York Times reporter Kevin Roose who first alerted people to this photograph on Twitter which shows a meticulously dressed Trump, wearing a suit and purple tie, on his knees in a rescue raft with a hand outstretched to several people before apparently reeling them in to safety and out of the flooded waters of Hurricane Florence.

That caption that was placed on the photo by the original poster reads, “You won’t see this on the news… make it go viral.” And go viral it has, with 275,000 Trump supporters having shared it so far.

As the Inquisitr recently reported, Donald Trump’s support after Hurricane Florence was in visiting places like New Bern, North Carolina, where he joked with reporters and one survivor of the hurricane that he “got a nice boat out of the deal” after a homeowner ended up with a beached yacht at his residence.

“I think it’s incredible, I think it’s incredible. To see what we’re seeing — this boat, I don’t know what happened, but this boat just came here. And do you know whose boat that is? They don’t know whose boat that it.”

The fake photo that is currently circulating on social media that supposedly shows Donald Trump rescuing Hurricane Florence victims was actually taken back in 2015, when rescuers were helping people in Texas after floods there. However, the photoshopped picture that put Trump in place of one of the rescuers was first uploaded to the internet on September 16, 2018.

It is now purported to actually be the president in a raft right after Hurricane Florence when water was at peak levels. Interestingly, Trump is holding out a bright red MAGA hat, which his supporters may expect victims will be able to hold onto so that they can be pulled into safety, unless the president was just handing his red hat out as a gift.

Roose himself noted that he doesn’t honestly know how many Donald Trump supporters actually buy into the legitimacy of the fake photo, and when one Twitter poster asked Roose whether these people believed it was a real photo, Roose replied, “define believe and real.”

So while the photo of Donald Trump rescuing Hurricane Florence victims is clearly a fake, no one can tell for certain whether his supporters know this.