Kanye West & Nick Cannon End Feud Over Kim Kardashian

Kevin WinterGetty Images

After exchanging shots with each other over social media last week, it appears that Kanye West and Nick Cannon had decided to leave their short-lived feud alone — citing their mutual admiration and respect for each other — according to reports from TMZ.

The feud was sparked when West recorded several videos on his Instagram on Thursday, attacking celebrities that he felt had been speaking disrespectfully about his wife, Kim Kardashian.

Kanye named Nick Cannon and model Tyson Beckford in interviews, as well as the rapper Drake for not coming out to deny rumors that he had an affair with Kardashian. Cannon and Kardashian dated more than a decade ago — and Cannon spoke of his relationship with her during a YouTube interview. Cannon spoke of Kardashian’s insecurities and her decision to get plastic surgery, but also about her body, saying, “That white girl got ass!” in reference to his first interactions with Kardashian.

Sources close to TMZ have revealed that the pair reached an understanding after Cannon responded to West via his Instagram, making it clear to both West and his 2.4 million followers that he refuses to censor himself in interviews that — and above all else — he is an honest person no matter what questions are put to him. Cannon was adamant that he didn’t disrespect West nor his marriage, and that such disrespect was never his intention during the interview. Cannon reiterated that he had all of the love and respect in the world for West.

After seeing his post, sources say that West reached out to Cannon through his Instagram messages and that the pair exchanged numbers. Later on that day, West and Cannon had a long conversation, where all of their differences were sorted out.

According to reports, they both made it clear what it was that bothered them about each other’s respective behavior — namely Cannon’s vivid description of Kardashian’s body during an interview with VladTV, and West’s efforts to attack Cannon for being honest during said interview.

By the end of the conversation, both entertainers came to a mutual agreement that they will take the other into more consideration moving forward, and that the events of the previous days will not signal the end of their friendship.

There may even be a chance for a collaboration to arise from this feud, as sources told TMZ that West spoke about potentially making another appearance on Cannon’s television show Wild ‘N Out. West has made several previous appearances on the show, with expectations rising that he will be making his return sooner rather than later.