Michael Moore Says Donald Trump May Stage A ‘False Flag’ Terror Attack To Gain Power, Like Hitler Did

Rich FuryGetty Images

Michael Moore is concerned that Donald Trump may stage a terrorist incident in order to allow himself to grab more power, Haaretz reports.

Moore’s latest documentary, Fahrenheit 11/9, opened last weekend to rave reviews and — as reported by the Inquisitr — utterly terrible box-office receipts. The film, parts of which are a damning indictment of Donald Trump and his administration, is rife with comparisons between Donald Trump and Adolf Hitler — including segments where Moore layers a speech by Trump over a speech by Hitler.

The controversial documentarian extended his Trump-Hitler comparisons beyond the movie and into an interview he gave to MSNBC. In the interview, Moore suggested that Trump may stage what’s known as a “false flag” terrorist attack in order to gain power, taking a page from Hitler’s book.

A “false flag,” for those unfamiliar, is a staged terrorist incident, act of war, or similar. In a false flag scenario, governmental and intelligence forces create a crisis that can only be solved through stronger nationalist policy and public sentiment. Often decried as a conspiracy theory — 9/11 truthers often allege, for example, that the terrorist attack was actually a false flag event — there have also been relevant historical examples. The tactic has been tangentially employed as recently as 1961, when the failed Bay of Pigs invasion utilized American aircraft painted with the colors of the Cuban flag.

Adolf Hitler also staged such a false flag operation — and it worked out in his favor, as Moore points out.

“The Nazis won an election and then there was a terrorist incident — the Reichstag fire — and Hitler said we’ve got to clamp down, we’ve got to ban these parties and he consolidated power in a time when people were afraid. That’s what I’m worried about.”

The Reichstag fire, for those not familiar, was an act of arson against Germany’s parliament building. Hitler and his party claimed that the fire was started by communists, and used it to drum up support for war. The fire was actually started by a man later deemed to have been acting alone.

Moore says that Trump is not above doing the same thing.

“Whatever happens under Trump. Whatever national emergency — a real emergency may happen — that will not allow him to take away our democratic rights because he has to “protect us.” That’s what we have to be very, very cautious of when that point happens.”

Fahrenheit 11/9, for what it’s worth, isn’t solely about Trump himself. In fact, the film looks at the larger question of how a man like Trump came to power, and how Democrats failed to stop his election to office from occurring.