Crack Rock In Baby Sock Discovered During Florida Drug Raid

Theresa Hurst

A rock of crack cocaine hidden inside a baby's sock was one of numerous drug related items confiscated by Florida police during a home raid at approximately 6:15 am on Thursday.

The raid, conducted by Charlotte County Sheriff's Narcotics, Street Crimes, and K9 Unit investigators, resulted in the arrests of three residents. The Port Charlotte home was found to contain an extensive array of illegal drugs, paraphernalia, cash, and a firearm.

An article by NBC News writes that authorities arrested Rodney Dewayne Rogers, 42; Alisha Denise Herrmann, 22; and Joseph Alan Cmehil, 50. The three individuals are reportedly residents of the raided house.

The trio was transported to the Charlotte County Jail where each received several charges including possession of cocaine, possession of marijuana, and possession of narcotics equipment.

According to authorities, previous felony narcotic convictions resulted in Herrmann and Rogers being held without bail. Police records reflect that both detainees have been booked in Charlotte County numerous times in the past. Joseph Cmehil was released from custody after posting a $4,500 bond.

The Huffington Post reports that in addition to the crack rock found inside a baby's sock, police also recovered a "recently stolen .25 caliber handgun with seven rounds in the magazine".

Along with unspecified amounts of cocaine and marijuana the house contained a handmade smoking pipe, a grinder with marijuana residue, and two digital scales containing cocaine residue. The search also yielded $3,126 in cash and three boxed cell phones valued at $2300.

While Florida authorities continue to investigate the case, Sheriff Bill Prummell commented on Thursday's raid:

"My commitment to the citizens of Charlotte County, as well as Parkside, is to make our neighborhoods safe and remains a top priority to me. Through our drug enforcement efforts, I believe we will have a positive effect on our overall crime rate throughout the county."

Officials have not commented on why the trio would use a baby sock to hide a rock of crack cocaine.