‘Fake Poll’: Fox News Viewers Take To Twitter After Network’s Poll Shows Americans Believe Ford Over Kavanaugh

Fox News viewers are having “meltdowns” on Twitter over the network’s very own poll, Raw Story reports.

“Liberal bullsh*t,” “fake news,” and “fake poll,” commented dozens of Fox News viewers, seemingly deeply offended by the poll’s findings.

Famously conservative and pro-Trump Fox News published a poll pertaining to President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, and Christine Blasey Ford, who claims Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her in 1982. According to the poll, Americans believe Ford over Kavanaugh.

Thirty-six percent believe Ford, and 30 percent believe Kavanaugh. Thirty-four percent are unsure about who is telling the truth.

Similarly, 40 percent of voters would confirm Brett Kavanaugh, and 50 percent would not. Women, and those with college degrees are more likely to believe Ford. Most Republicans, however, support his confirmation.

“It’s not terribly surprising Kavanaugh’s numbers would drop given the nature of the claim. Accusations tend to drive opinion when they come late in the game and when people don’t know much about the person who is being accused,” Republican pollster Daron Shaw, who conducted the Fox News poll with Democratic counterpart Chris Anderson, explained.

The poll appears to have created cognitive dissonance among many Fox News viewers, who are — according to Raw Story — taking to Twitter to express their frustrations. Many of them are insulting the famously conservative network, calling it fake and liberal.

Raw Story‘s Sarah K. Burris concluded that Fox News is now, ironically, “falling victim” to the war on media.

While dozens, if not hundreds, of Fox News viewers may be taking to Twitter to protest the network’s Kavanaugh versus Ford poll today, this is not the first time for the schism between the network and its loyal fanbase to appear.

In August, as the Inquisitr reported, following Senator John McCain’s death, Trump supporters and far-right commentators viciously attacked McCain in the comment section, prompting Fox News to disable comments on all videos about the senator’s death.

Commentators were echoing President Trump’s statements about McCain, and his mocking of the late senator’s military record.

Today, so it seems, they are echoing Trump’s hostile “war on the media” rhetoric.

The Guardian‘s Simon Tisdall warned that Trump’s war on the media could have deadly implications, since the president is “creating an atmosphere in which journalists are in real danger.”

Right now, following the Kavanaugh versus Ford poll, it seems like Fox News, which President Trump is known to binge-watch, is indeed falling victim to the war the president himself had started.

In the eyes of many of its viewers, the conservative network appears to have metamorphosed into a liberal one.