‘Undertale: Collector’s Edition’ Comes To Nintendo Switch This Month

Toby FoxUndertale

Undertale may have been released three years ago, but it’s still enthralling fans around the world. Its in-depth storytelling and simple, unique gameplay took the internet by storm — and it’s cemented itself as one of the most famous indie RPGs in gaming history.

The nostalgically-inspired graphics, music, and meaningful player choices set it apart from many similar games — while the engaging characters made the story worth telling. Many fans still speculate about the mysteries and nuances posed by Undertale, and continue to praise it for its inspiring message and concept.

For Undertale‘s three year anniversary, fans will be able to relive all of the fun of the original game by enjoying it on the Nintendo Switch. Those who have played it through it’s early access period say that the game is equally as fun and as compelling on this new console as it was on PC. The visuals, music, and story haven’t changed — but players, new and old, can discover a novel way of playing the game.

Fans who are eager for new content might be disappointed that Nintendo is simply releasing the game in its original context — but the collector’s edition comes with several shiny bells and whistles.

In mid-August, Toby Fox — the game’s creator and composer — tweeted out the announcement regarding the new Undertale: Collector’s Edition for the Nintendo Switch.

This special bundle comes with a two-disc copy of the soundtrack, sheet music for some of the more popular songs, a gold-plated music box locket, the collector’s box, and the original game.

According to Nintendo Life, the collection also includes a booklet full of illustrations from Temmie Chang, one of the prominent artists featured in the game. This booklet comes with the standard version as well, which will be released alongside the Collector’s Edition this month.

Internet-savvy gamers might remember the title’s initial success, which was accompanied by raving reviews and a large fanbase. A simple YouTube search will pull up thousands of videos on Undertale, spanning in-depth analyses, fan theories, playthroughs, and fan content.

This re-release will draw in old fans who wish to re-buy the game in another format, along with people who didn’t have the time or resources to play the game on PC during its initial release window.

Many are wondering if this re-release will spark a revival of the Undertale craze, while others are pretty sure the hype has died down. While the indie gem remains fondly remembered in many gamer’s hearts, most doubt that it will be taking over the web in truly viral fashion again.

However, having the game on Switch makes for a new, portable experience — one that many people won’t turn down.