‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers September 24-28: ‘A Father’s Fight’ Promo Shows Bill In Beast Mode [Video]’

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Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for the week of September 24 reveal that Bill Spencer (Don Diamont) will be in beast mode as he fights to retain sole custody of Will (Finnegan George). The B&B promo for the week shows that Bill is out to make sure that Will won’t be taken away from him and will use all his resources to make sure that his relationship with his son remains unscathed.

Bill Reminds Katie Who Will’s Father Is

Inquisitr reports that Bill will visit Katie (Heather Tom) on Monday, September 24. He will arrive unexpectedly and Katie will not be expecting him. Brooke let it slip to Bill that Katie would be getting married the following day, according to Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. He will rush to Katie’s house, lose his temper, and start screaming at his ex-wife. He cannot believe that she is marrying the “loser” and “Forrester Lite” and will unleash his anger at Katie.

“I’m Will’s father, not Thorne. I’m what he needs.”

He will remind Katie that he is Will’s father and that even if she marries Thorne (Ingo Rademacher), he will always remain his father. Bill feels that Will needs him and not a replacement father-figure. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers indicate that things will become so heated between them, that Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) will have to intervene.

Bill Calls Thorne A Loser

“Marrying this loser Thorne, fighting for full custody. You’ve got to stop this madness before it’s too late.”

Bill will continue adding to his list of names for Thorne when he calls him a loser. Bill feels that Katie has been making poor decisions lately, and that she needs to stop before it is too late. However, BB viewers know that Katie and “Forrester Lite” will get married on Tuesday, September 24. They will appear before the judge as a united front, intent on proving that they are a stable family unit.

Katie Worries About Bill on Bold and the Beautiful

Katie will tell her new husband that she knows that Bill won’t hold back in the fight for Will. She knows better than most people that he will use whatever tactics he has at his disposal to win the case. She also knows that he has not hesitated to break the law in the past.

“I know Bill. He will do whatever is necessary to win.”

Bill’s Ace Up His Sleeve

“I’m going to call a surprise witness.”

The B&B promo video shows that Bill will call a surprise witness. Fans already know that he will call Wyatt to testify on his behalf, but the spoiler video also shows a worried Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) looking at Wyatt before she is called to the stand. Tune into the latest Bold and the Beautiful to find out how Katie reacts, then check back with Inquisitr for new spoilers, recaps, and casting news.