Jennifer Lopez Poses With Jessica Alba, Dua Lipa, Sofia Vergara, And Becky G In Glamorous Group Shot

Michael LoccisanoGetty Images

Jennifer Lopez and her fans have started counting down the days until the finale of her Vegas show, “All I Have,” has its glittering finish. Despite performing the show since 2016, JLo hasn’t run out of steam yet. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, she’s excited to move forward with her career. Her new movie, Second Act, will be premiering soon, which marks another film on her record.

However, that doesn’t mean she can’t meet up with friends in the meantime. In a recent photo, Lopez is seen posing with four other women — and her boyfriend, Alex Rodriguez. In a shimmering, dark green cut-out dress, she fits in perfectly with her posse. Singers Dua Lipa and Becky G, Modern Family’s Sofia Vergara, and film actress Jessica Alba are huddled in for the photo, with Jennifer posing in the middle.

It seems there’s tons of fun to be had with this group, but fans are little curious how they all came to be friends. Some have brought up that they were all conveniently in the same area, which explains why all of them were so eager to attend one of Jennifer Lopez’s final shows. Regardless of the reason, this group shot certainly is glamorous, and more than a little cute.

Dua Lipa is currently working on new music and recently put out the song “Electricity” before performing at the iHeartRadio Music Festival in Las Vegas. This is likely why she was in the area and decided to catch one of Lopez’s shows. According to OK! Magazine, Sophia Vergara was seen also seen in LA two days ago.


Singer Becky G was recently invited to sing at the Latin Music Night in LA, and probably caught JLo’s show afterward. Amidst ridiculous, albeit hilarious, rumors that Jessica Alba is running for governor, she also decided to drop in and catch a show. It seems ‘All I Have’ brought these women together for a fun night, and everyone has a photo to prove it.

Becky G, Sophia Vergara, and Jessica Alba all posted similar photos to their Instagrams recently, thanking JLo for the wonderful show. The shout-outs likely haven’t gone unnoticed, with each of them tagging the others in the photos. While they’ve since split up to do their own thing, it was nice to see them all together for a night.

They all look stunning and happy to be together, so we can only hope that we get more group shots in the future.