‘Big Brother’ 20 Spoilers: HOH Round 2 Winner Revealed

Sonja FlemmingCBS

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Big Brother Season 20.

There are only a handful of days left in the Big Brother house and the final Head of Household competition is coming to an end. In BB tradition, the last HOH of the season is broken down into three smaller competitions over several days. As the Inquisitr previously reported, Tyler Crispen walked away with the win for Round 1 of the competition, leaving Kaycee Clark and JC Mounduix to battle it out in Round 2. The Round 2 winner will then face Tyler in Round 3 to see who will become the final HOH.

Big Brother Network has reported that Kaycee walked away with the Round 2 win, meaning either she or Tyler will be the final HOH. According to the live feeds, the competition included some sort of rock climbing challenge, which JC felt was unfair since Kaycee has an athletic advantage over him. JC felt that if it was a mental competition, he would have beaten her easily.

Since Kaycee’s win on Saturday evening, she and Tyler have been celebrating being the final two of BB20. The pair has had a deal since Day 2 in the house and have remained loyal to each other ever since, even turning on their alliance members in “Level 6.” The two have joked about winning $550,000 between them and have discussed traveling the world together. The duo has discussed when to break the news to JC about not being chosen to go to the final two, and they have decided to wait, even though he seems privy to their plan.

Kaycee Clark of BB20
Kaycee won Part 2 of the final HOH.Featured image credit: Sonja FlemmingCBS

No matter who wins the competition tomorrow, the other will choose to evict JC guaranteeing their final two spots. JC is aware of the relationship between Tyler and Kaycee and is already planning to walk out the door and become the final jury member. Anything can happen in the Big Brother house, and there is a chance Kaycee or Tyler could turn on each other at the last minute, but the odds are highly unlikely.

JC of BB20
JC is bitter over losing Part 2 of the final HOH.Featured image credit: Johnny VyCBS

Kaycee’s victory has caused JC to pout around the house, claiming he doesn’t want to wait until Wednesday to get evicted since he knows it’s coming. The Miami dancer has continued to bash the competition and continues to mention “40 seconds” over and over again. Kaycee admitted she almost lost so it’s possible JC lost the competition by 40 seconds.

The final two episodes of Big Brother Season 20 will air this Sunday at 8 p.m. EST and Wednesday at 9:30 p.m. EST on CBS.