Selena Gomez Says ‘Big Sister’ Taylor Swift Is So Smart, It Freaks Her Out

Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift have been besties for years. Selena’s long been part of Taylor’s squad, and the best friends have been spotted together in cute selfies, at the VMAs, and more. People reports that Selena gushed about Taylor in a now-deleted Instagram Live video.

“How’s Taylor? Taylor’s awesome. I love her. She’s amazing,” Gomez responded to a fan question during the video.”I talked to her today. She’s literally like my big sister, I tell her everything. She’s so smart it freaks me out.”

Earlier that same evening, Selena had shared a post of Taylor and Taylor’s dad, Scott Swift, discussing the recently released film A Simple Favor. They apparently loved it, and so did Selena, who excitedly re-shared the video on her own social media and labeled it with “SAME!” in huge font.

The pair and the rest of Taylor’s girl squad seem to have a tight, supportive friendship. Though the gal pals couldn’t celebrate together this year, Taylor baked a special cake for Selena’s birthday. The adorable cake rivals a Martha Stewart confection and reads “Gomez or Go Home” in a cute play on words. It’s bright pink and clearly made with love. In her caption, she said she would never let distance stop her from celebrating her best friend’s birthday. She also quoted Selena’s song Can’t Keep My Hands To Myself, which Swift has previously said is her favorite.

Swift is certainly smart. She has continued to create, write, and build her brand and all without getting stale. She’s successfully transitioned from country to pop country to pop as a respected artist and she doesn’t seem to be slowing down. Selena, too, has been smart about her choices since leaving her Disney days behind. She’s released countless hits, gone behind the scenes as the producer on the hugely popular Netflix original series 13 Reasons Why, and she seems poised for continued success.

Though the pair are close friends and have been known to create videos and silly songs together, they’ve never officially collaborated on a song release. Perhaps it is because they are both scary smart, smart enough to know that friendship and business shouldn’t mix. Or maybe they’re waiting for the perfect moment to share a new creation.

The Internet did go wild when it was rumored Selena might have a song on Reputation, but so far, it doesn’t seem as though anything featuring both women is in the works.