Niall Horan Moving Home To Start A Band?

When it comes to Niall Horan's break from One Direction in 2016, there has been a lot of speculation. Nonetheless, solid leads about what fans can expect from Niall Horan without One Direction are starting to emerge.

Of course, as reported by ABC News on August 25, Niall Horan has repeatedly reminded fans that One Direction is not officially breaking up.

Unfortunately, the main issue for needing a break related to their grueling tour schedule -- and it appears that it might be affecting Niall Horan's health. Around August 30, Niall Horan tweeted that he had succumbed to the "man flu," according to MTV News.

Perhaps, in that moment, Niall Horan was feeling homesick because MTV News stated that #ManFlu was actually a U.K. expression for an exaggerated cold. Adding to the idea that he might have Ireland on his mind, it appears that Niall Horan may be using his man flu break to browse for a new mansion.

The Ireland Independent reports on September 2 that they got direct insider information from Niall Horan's friend, Eoghan McDermott, about Niall's 2016 plans. About Niall Horan's future address, McDermott stated the following.

"Last time I checked [Niall Horan] was in America and was having a grand time. He said he wants to get a place in Ireland next year. Not to necessarily spend all his time here, just to be in Ireland quite a bit."

McDermott is also a presenter for the new 2FM radio show and says Niall Horan wants to participate.

He stated, "[Niall Horan] wants to do a bit of presenting, not in a mad capacity. I think he will be brilliant at it. If I can get him in for a show that would be class."

Niall Horan may also be thinking about a new band for his 2016 break -- and he is also considering Ireland as his ideal location for the band's activities.

According to a Music News report from August 1, an insider was recently interviewed by Heat Magazine, and they state the following gossip about Niall Horan's new band idea.

"Niall's never really wanted to go solo, but he would like to try out a rockier sound. He's talking about starting a group with some of his mates in Ireland, starting off with little gigs around the country. They've already worked on some songs together. He doesn't really care if it makes any money -- he's able to bankroll it all and just enjoy it."

In addition to working on music with his own band, Niall Horan has also had collaboration offers from Jess Glynne, according to an August 27 report by RTE.

[Feature image via Michael Loccisano/Getty Images]