Nokia Tablet Might Feature Android, Claims Elop

Could a Nokia Android tablet be on the way? According to CEO Stephen Elop, the company is currently developing both Android and Windows tablets.

While Elop admits that Windows is still the company’s OS of choice, the possibility of an Android based tablet marks a turning point for the struggling mobile device manufacturer.

In an interview with the Australian Financial Review, Elop says the “opportunity for companionship is something that any user is looking for.” The Nokia CEO then explains that the Lumia 920 is the perfect companion device because it can easily connect to a Windows tablet, PC, or Xbox.

Elop also hinted at a smaller 7-inch tablet, which he claims have more mobile functionality than larger iPad devices.

Unfortunately, the Nokia CEO would not confirm an upcoming Nokia Tablet for Mobile World Congress. According to Elop:

“We have made no decision or announced anything.”

Nokia’s biggest caution to date is the overcrowded nature of the market, which could cannibalize sales for yet another Android device for customers to choose from.

As a first to market device, Nokia will likely go with a Windows OS-based tablet. Nokia can market a Windows device as a companion product for its Lumia 920.

With Nokia potentially preparing to sell off its handset business to focus on software offerings, now could be a good time for Nokia to prove that its devices can span across multiple platforms.

Do you think a Nokia Android tablet would be able to compete in a crowded Android marketplace?