‘General Hospital’ Spoilers For September 24-28: Sonny’s Scrambling, Brad’s Worried, & Drew Gets Close To Kim

Todd WawrychukABC

General Hospital spoilers for the upcoming week are starting to emerge and there’s great stuff on the way. Margaux’s missing father is indeed the dead body found at Charlie’s and Cameron blurted out the truth about Oscar’s illness to the teen. How wild will things get during the episodes airing during the week of September 24 to 28?

SheKnows Soaps details that Margaux will formulate a theory and Sonny will be connecting with Jason. Viewers already had a hunch that the dead body at Charlie’s might be Margaux’s missing father. Now that tests have confirmed that to be the case, she’ll be all the more determined to take down Sonny.

Baby Wiley is facing a potentially serious heart issue and this has both Brad and Lucas quite worried. General Hospital spoilers share that Julian will reach out to Brad and issue a warning and this is surely a caution for Brad to pull himself together and think ahead about how to handle what might be coming next.

Sam will find herself in a position to defend her mother in some way and General Hospital spoilers indicate that Drew and Kim will end up spending a night together for some reason. Will Oscar end up in the hospital again? It doesn’t sound as if that’s the case, but Kim and Drew spending all that time together seems likely to leave others in their orbits a bit anxious.

There’s a confession coming up soon from Jason according to Soap Hub and Griffin is said to be facing even more trouble in his shattered life. Chase is going to be receiving praise from Anna and someone is facing bad news from Jordan. Mike has already asked Stella to help him with Sonny and General Hospital spoilers suggest that he’ll soon turn to Carly for help as well.

Other juicy General Hospital spoilers reveal that Ava will ask Jason for help in some way and Nina will be hiding something from Valentin. Viewers can look forward to a special moment set to play out between Julian and Alexis, while there seem to be some emotional mother-and-daughter moments coming up involving Josslyn and Carly.

Will all of the time that Kim and Drew are spending together reignite the spark that used to exist between them? Will this heart issue with Wiley pave the way for the truth about Wiley being Jonah to emerge? Additional General Hospital spoilers breaking down the action ahead during the week of September 24 will emerge soon and viewers won’t want to miss any of the chaos that’s on the way.