Stormy Daniels Alleges Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger ‘Terrified’ Her When Asking For Good Night Kiss

Stormy Daniels’ new tell-all book, Full Disclosure, won’t be out for another two weeks or so, but several news publications have quoted excerpts from the memoir in recent days, including multiple controversial passages about her alleged affair with Donald Trump. The president, however, is not the only famous man the adult film star claims to have had a negative experience with. According to new reports, Daniels alleged in her book that more than a decade ago, Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger “terrified” her shortly after her purported sexual encounter with Trump.

The Roethlisberger story was among several that CNN detailed in a new report that cited an advance copy of Full Disclosure and summarized some of its key points. In the book, Daniels, 39, claims that she met the Steelers quarterback at Lake Tahoe in 2006, one day after she and Trump supposedly had sex. She recalled seeing Roethlisberger speaking to the future president, who then asked the NFL star to walk her back to her hotel room. That was when Roethlisberger allegedly asked Daniels to give him a good night kiss, which she refused.

Describing her experience with Ben Roethlisberger, Stormy Daniels wrote that she had the rare feeling of being “terrified” as the Steelers quarterback insisted that she give him a kiss. She then recalled closing the door on Roethlisberger, who allegedly “stood outside, not leaving” and kept knocking on her door for “several minutes” before finally giving up.

According to CNN, Stormy Daniels spoke to InTouch Magazine in 2011 and discussed the time when Ben Roethlisberger accompanied her to her hotel room but did not mention any attempts on his part to kiss her and did not recall being terrified of the two-time Super Bowl-winning quarterback.

Although Daniels was not cited as having accused Roethlisberger of doing anything more serious than asking for a kiss, Sports Illustrated wrote that the quarterback had been accused multiple times of inappropriate behavior toward women. This included another incident at Lake Tahoe, where the six-time Pro Bowl player allegedly raped a woman in a casino in 2008. He was sued one year later for the alleged incident, but settled out of court with his accuser in 2012. Roethlisberger was also accused of sexual assault in Milledgeville, Georgia, in 2010, but no charges were pressed against him.

Despite requests for comment from the above publications and others, the 36-year-old Roethlisberger has yet to touch on the accusations made by Daniels in Full Disclosure. The tell-all book is scheduled to be released on Tuesday, October 2.

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