New Book Asserts Putin Tried To Rile Trump Up On Possible ‘Deep State’ Within His Administration

Chris McGrathGetty Images

Excerpts from a new book by a national security expert allege that Russia President Vladimir Putin tried to feed ideas and conspiratorial thoughts into the mind of U.S. President Donald Trump during phone conversations the two have had with one another.

As previous reporting from Inquisitr has discussed, some observers and pundits have openly questioned whether Trump has been (or is being) manipulated by Putin in the past. Qualms about their relationship came to a head during a bizarre meeting of the two leaders at a summit in Helsinki, Finland, earlier this year.

While doubts linger about the two world leaders’ burgeoning relationship, a new book written by Greg Miller, a national security reporter from the Washington Post, provides details on how Putin has allegedly tried to feed conspiracies into Trump’s mind.

Excerpts from Miller’s book were published on the Post‘s site Wednesday, providing new insights into the interactions occurring between the two. In one worrisome passage, Miller detailed a conversation, allegedly relayed to him by White House aides with knowledge of the talks, that exemplified Putin’s desire to cause Trump to question the loyalty of those in his administration.

According to Miller, Putin would instigate discussions about how it was difficult for the two to cultivate a meaningful relationship, adding that he didn’t blame Trump for the difficulties in communication. Instead, these aides told Miller, Putin would promote “deep state” fantasies to the president within their conversations.

“It’s not us,” Putin would say to Trump. “We get it. It’s the subordinates fighting against our friendship.”

The idea of a “deep state” in Washington, according to the Atlantic, is the notion that underlings in the Trump administration are purposely undermining the current president’s agenda due to their opposition to his various policies and overall agenda. The idea is conspiratorial in nature, but one that the president himself has tweeted extensively about, according to reporting from HuffPost.

While Trump in the past has openly expressed his own disdain for the “deep state,” at times even tying it to the Russia investigation he so vehemently and frequently speaks out against, he has recently suggested he’s not a big fan of the term at all.

In a recent interview with the Hill, Trump brushed off questioning about his allegations about a “deep state.”

“I don’t like to use [the term] because it sounds so conspiratorial and believe it or not I’m really not a conspiratorial person,” Trump said. “But I think it’s a sad day for our country.”