Donald Trump Called 'Absolute Baby,' 'A Child' By Ex-White House Official Over Sessions Attacks: 'WaPo' Report

After Donald Trump fired yet another shot in his ongoing war against his own attorney general, even claiming in an interview with the online political program Hill TV that, "I don't have an attorney general," administration officials and others close to Trump have grown exasperated, with one former White House official labeling Trump a "schoolyard bully," and a "baby" for his continuing attacks on Sessions, according to a Washington Post report.

"It is a complete disgrace the way that Trump is acting like a schoolyard bully against Sessions," a former White House official told Post White House reporter Ashley Parker, as reported on her Twitter account. "I understand his frustration. I understand why he feels the way that he does. But what a child. What an absolutely baby. He's disgracing himself."

Oddly, however, the second portion of the quote including the "absolute baby" remark by the unnamed former official appears to have been deleted from the Washington Post report online as of Thursday morning. But Parker's Twitter posting remained online, containing the quotation.

Trump has appeared enraged at Sessions since the former Alabama senator recused himself from any legal matters involving the 2016 Trump presidential campaign — meaning that Sessions has no control over the investigation into Trump's Russia ties being run by special counsel Robert Mueller. Sessions has said that he "did the right thing" by recusing himself, according to a Fox News report.

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Getty Images | Aaron P. Bernstein
United States Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Sessions announced his recusal from Russia-related and campaign matters on March 2 of 2017, as ABC News chronicled. Initially, Trump had seemed at least publicly unfazed by the recusal, posting on Twitter that same day, "Jeff Sessions is an honest man. He did not say anything wrong."

But as the Russia investigation picked up steam, Trump's tone toward Sessions changed. In June of this year, Trump said on Twitter, "The Russian Witch Hunt Hoax continues, all because Jeff Sessions didn't tell me he was going to recuse himself...I would have quickly picked someone else. So much time and money wasted, so many lives ruined...and Sessions knew better than most that there was No Collusion!"

In the Hill TV interview, Trump claimed that the situation with Sessions made him "sad," and he criticized Sessions as "mixed-up and confused."

On Wednesday, Trump appeared to walk back his "I don't have an attorney general," comment, according to a CNN report.

"I'm disappointed in the attorney general for numerous reasons," Trump told a gathering of reporters outside the White House. "But we have an attorney general."