Suspect Responsible For Butchering 500 Cats In Croydon Serial Killer Case Is Not Human, Claim Police

Police investigating the vicious case of the "Croydon cat killer" have decided not to pursue any further lines of inquiry after revealing the identity of their prime suspect to the public, reports Metro News.

The serial killer stalked the streets of South London and struck fear into the hearts of cat lovers everywhere.

More than 500 deaths were laid at the door of this reported vicious brute who appeared to get their kicks by mutilating and killing cats.

The Croydon cat killer first entered the public consciousness in 2015 when beloved pets who had been decapitated or dismembered began to appear on the streets of Croydon.

Grieving owners were further heartbroken when reports appeared to suggest the cat deaths were the work of the same murderous hand.

Cat lovers were beside themselves with grief and concern for their feline friends. In Croydon and further afield, pet owners were gripped by a mass panic as the bloody killer continued to stalk the streets and their nightmares.

Scotland Yard opened a thorough investigation into the unexplained deaths and worked alongside the RSPCA in an attempt to track down those responsible.

Earlier this year, a concerned citizen named Tony Jenkins suggested a journalist looking for a sensational scoop could be behind the killings.

"If you are a national journalist then you'll be moving all over to cover stories, and so it would be quite easy for someone in that role to cover long distances. Of course there are other jobs like contractors and builders who move around, but there is certainly a possibility that a journalist might be able to maintain this level of attacks."
Three years on from the first wave of killings and the Metropolitan Police have decided to close the case because the suspect is not human and lies outside their jurisdiction.

They believe the Croydon cat killer is actually a gang of foxes.

They believe urban foxes have been terrorizing the local pussy population in a string of savage attacks.

Police have unearthed CCTV footage where foxes are filmed carrying the bodies or body parts of dead cats.

A woman who lives in London revealed that in April 2017 she saw a fox carrying a dead cat's head in her back garden.

Last year, a cat's head was found in a school playground in Catford. When the CCTV tapes were studied, they revealed a lone a fox carrying the head into the playground.

A Met Police spokesperson said, "The investigation took almost three years, due to the number of reports and allegations received from the public and the need to work with specialists to scrutinize any evidence.

"No evidence of human involvement was found in any of the reported cases. There were no witnesses, no identifiable patterns and no forensic leads that pointed to human involvement. Witness statements were taken, but no suspect was identified. In three instances where CCTV was obtained, footage showed foxes carrying bodies or body-parts of cats."