When William Becomes King, Here’s How Life Will Change For Harry And Meghan

Meghan Markle’s life has already gone in many unexpected directions. She has lived many fairy tales, first as a successful actress on a television show, and now as a real-life princess who found her prince and married him, despite all odds. It’s a lot to take in. But there could be more changes soon. If Harry’s brother, William, the Duke of Cambridge, ascends to the throne instead of his father Charles, as some speculate, Meghan’s life will change dramatically again, Cheat Sheet reports.

A former butler for the royal family, Grant Harrold, has the inside scoop on just how Meghan’s day-to-day life might change when William becomes king.

“The Duchess of Sussex will have an important role to develop, as one day she will be sister-in-law to the king,” Harrold said in an interview with the Express. “She will take on duties on behalf of the monarch as we see the royals do today for the queen.”

If William takes the throne, Meghan can expect to be traveling a lot more. She and Harry already have trips planned, but once William is king she will be doing a lot more traveling and meeting with charitable organizations around the globe.

Meghan is already quite a patron of the arts and other charities and enjoys doing charity work. She spoke of it at the Royal Foundation Forum.


“Even if it’s doing it quietly behind the scenes, which is what I’ve focused my energy on thus far,” she said. “Meeting with the right people, meeting with the organizations behind the scenes quietly, learning as much as I can so I can maximize the opportunity we have here to really make an impact.”

When William is the head of the family, Meghan can also expect to attend many more events with heads of state and other guests. She and Harry will be expected and honored guests, and may even have to sit in for William and Kate if they are unable to attend certain functions.

Meghan is well used to attending events and representing the monarchy in public, so this should not prove much of a challenge for her.

Lastly, when William becomes the king, Harry and any of the children the pair have will move up in the line of succession. It’s unlikely Harry or his children will ever be called upon to serve as king or queen, but the possibility is still there.