Julianne Hough Channels Her Inner Betty Weider In New Pinup Style Photo

Ethan MillerGetty Images

The new movie Bigger won’t be out until October 12, but that hasn’t stopped dancer and actress Julianne Hough from sharing a few sneak peeks of her character. Hough plays famous pinup model and fitness legend Betty Weider in the movie, which apparently follows the growth of the fitness family’s enterprise throughout their lives. She shared some photos to her Instagram page Wednesday in full makeup for the role. In the photos, Hough’s makeup displays full red lips and strong arched eyebrows. The deep plunging fitted black T-shirt reveals cleavage and strong muscular biceps. Her tiny waist leads to curves on her hips, which are completed with tight-fitting blue jeans. The actress holds her blonde locks of hair messily atop her head, making seductive faces at the camera. In the photo’s caption, Hough thanked costume designer Melissa Vargas for “helping her channel Betty’s womanhood.”

“My looks as Betty Weider had me feeling fierce and feminine,” Hough also said.

Fans’ responses to the photo doted on Julianne’s beauty as the character Betty Wider.

“Hottie with that curvy body,” said one user, while another said, “You’re amazing Jules!”

“You’ve always been fierce and feminine Julianne!”

Other fans even compared her look to that of Marilyn Monroe.

The Inquisitr also covered another recent photo that Hough shared to her Instagram last Friday in celebration of her role as Betty Weider. In the previous photo, Hough seemed to be posing for the camera while asking fans to come see her movie when it’s out. ET reportedly spoke with Hough Friday about her thoughts on the Bigger movie.

“I’m excited. We almost shot this movie a year ago, [and] everybody knows how I am an advocate for health and fitness, and just creating physically and emotionally the best versions of ourselves… So, yeah, I am really, really excited and honored,” Hough told ET. The star also revealed that she had to change her fitness routine in order to fill the physical “specs” of her character. Apparently, the changes included cutting back on her cardio work and instead doing more weight-lifting. She also said she got to eat “extra cookies” to help her fill in curves around her hips. Betty Weider was known for being curvy, but with a tiny 18-inch waist. Luckily, Hough said to ET, the production is trying to be as realistic as possible with expectations of her body.

The trailer for the new movie Bigger is now out, and the movie will hit theaters beginning October 12.