'General Hospital' Spoilers: Wiley Heart Issue Rattles Lucas, Baby's Health Drama May Mirror Michael's

Stacy Carey

General Hospital fans have not been particularly happy about the baby switch storyline that led to Michael thinking his son Jonah had died. In reality, Jonah had been placed with Lucas and Brad to replace their newly-adopted, but suddenly dead, infant. Viewers have wanted to see this resolved sooner rather than later, and Wednesday's episode shared a big teaser regarding how it might happen.

As viewers saw during Wednesday's episode of General Hospital, Michael and Carly fawned over baby "Wiley" after Lucas brought him to the doctor for a routine check-up. Michael and Carly even got to snuggle on the baby for a bit -- without Lucas -- after a patient of his asked to speak with him. Just before Lucas and the baby could leave, the doctor came and mentioned that an issue came up during testing that needed to be discussed.

If indeed the baby has a heart issue, which General Hospital spoilers reveal is the direction this is headed, it may well pave the way to a reunion with Michael. As long-time viewers will remember, Michael himself was born with a serious heart condition and it was a significant storyline at the time.

After Michael was born, Carly suffered from severe postpartum depression and Jason took charge of looking after him. While Carly was still struggling, Michael was diagnosed with a severe heart condition, requiring surgery. Jason proceeded with the surgery, and while Michael has been through many trying times over the course of his life, his heart issue hasn't really caused any further problems.

Soap Central details that Lucas will be deeply worried after he receives this news, which is to be expected. In the coming week, General Hospital spoilers tease that Carly will be doing some amateur investigating and it certainly sounds as if she might wonder about this coincidence as well.

There's no reason why Carly would immediately jump to the idea of Nelle giving Brad the baby that she had with Michael. However, Carly is the one person who seems most likely to connect the dots and reach that conclusion given her own checkered past and her understanding of Nelle. SheKnows Soaps notes that Carly's digging will kick into gear during the September 24 show and for some reason, Michael will be apologizing to his mom in the following episode.

Will viewers see Michael learn the truth about Wiley being Jonah sometime this fall -- and will it be because the baby has a heart condition that mirrors Michael's? General Hospital spoilers hint that there's good stuff on the way as this storyline proceeds, and fans are anxious to see where things head next.