'General Hospital' Casts Sofia Mattsson As Sasha Gilmore, Spoilers Haven't Yet Revealed How Long She's Around

Tuesday's episode of General Hospital threw viewers into a tizzy when a woman named Sasha Gilmore appeared out of left field to meet with Curtis. While spoilers haven't yet revealed how much fans will see of Sasha, people are anxious to know more about the actress who stepped into the role. What do soap fans need to know about Sofia Mattsson?

The last that viewers had seen before this character popped up, Curtis was still trying to find an avenue of investigation that would lead him to Nina's daughter. He had run into complications, but he had noted that he still had ideas to pursue. During Tuesday's show, he suddenly had a lead that pointed toward the possibility that Sasha Gilmore was Nina's daughter, according to the Inquisitr.

Sasha was resistant to the possibility, especially since she believed that her deceased mother was definitely her biological mother. However, she agreed to take a DNA test to find out for certain. As the Inquisitr detailed, General Hospital fans blew up Twitter over this turn of events. Fans were not happy at the thought of yet another new character, but many quickly noted how actress Sofia Mattsson certainly could pull off playing Nina's daughter if the show decided to go in that direction.

SheKnows Soaps confirms that Mattsson is the actress cast in the role of Sasha, and that it seems likely that General Hospital viewers will see her again. However, at this point, it's not known if she'll become a regular character -- and many fans suspect that it'll turn out she's not Nina's daughter.

Mattsson is a Swedish actress who has popped up in a number of television shows already. Sofia is said to be living in Los Angeles at the moment, and has a sister named Helena who is pursuing acting gigs as well.

UMGAS notes that Sofia has landed gigs on NCIS and Two and a Half Men, and that she also snagged the role of Stephanie in the film Jurassic City. Mattsson's IMDb page also cites a role on the television series Campus Security amongst a handful of other projects.

Sofia's sister Helena has appeared in The Mentalist, Rules of Engagement, NCIS: Los Angeles, CSI, Two and a Half Men, and Fargo, and can also be seen in Species: The Awakening and Iron Man 2. Helena's IMDb page lists quite a few other projects she's done, including gigs on Mistresses, American Horror Story, and 666 Park Avenue.

Will Sofia be seen in Port Charles regularly in the GH episodes ahead? General Hospital spoilers haven't revealed any juicy tidbits yet about what comes next in this storyline -- and Mattsson herself seems to be keeping mum. Sofia doesn't appear to post much on social media, and the show isn't sharing any dirt on this right now either.

Actress Sofia Mattsson may seem like a fit to play Nina's long-lost daughter, but many General Hospital viewers suspect that Kiki or someone else already on the canvas will end up being Nina's child. Stay tuned for additional spoilers, as they emerge, to see if Sasha Gilmore will be sticking around and making herself at home in Port Charles in the near future.