Demi Lovato Update: Mom Confesses She Didn’t Know If Daughter ‘Would Make It’ After Overdose

Demi Lovato in rehab, expects to stay out of spotlight
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Demi Lovato’s mother Dianna De La Garza has broken her silence about her daughter’s overdose in a new interview with Newsmax TV, as reported by Life & Style.

De La Garza shared terrifying details of the singer’s near-fatal drug overdose.

“It’s still a really difficult thing to talk about,” Lovato’s mother explained to the news outlet.

“I literally start to shake a little bit when I start to remember what happened that day… I was actually looking at my phone and all these texts started coming in.”

De La Garza did not know what had happened to her daughter when she began getting messages of support from her friends and family.

Some of them read, according to De La Garza, “I just heard the news, I’m so sorry, I’m praying for your family, I’m praying for Demi.”

“I was in shock,” she continued. “I thought, what is going on? … My heart just dropped. I didn’t know what I was looking at.”

She then revealed that she received a text from her daughter’s assistant to inform her that Lovato had overdosed and was “conscious, but not talking.”

The following two days after the singer was rushed to Cedars Sinai Hospital were touch and go according to Lovato’s mother.

“We just didn’t know for two days if she was going to make it or not,” she revealed.

“I was very concerned, and I was trying to be strong for her and for her sisters and for my family back home … I just feel like the reason she’s alive today is because of the millions of prayers that went up that day.”

A report published by Radar Online detailed the circumstances surrounding the night singer Demi Lovato experienced a near-fatal drug overdose before being rushed to the hospital on July 24.

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Radar alleges that Lovato’s overdose was likely triggered by oxycodone laced with fentanyl. The site alleges in a news story that the singer “texted a drug dealer to come to her home at around 4:00 a.m. on July 24.”

Radar alleges that Lovato reportedly “bought oxycodone from the dealer and smoked it from a piece of tin foil.” She was later found unresponsive.

Lovato has since checked into a long-term rehabilitation facility in Arizona for help in combatting her addictions.

She first took a trip to Chicago with De La Garza, who accompanied her daughter to meet with a team of addiction specialists and doctors “that were very influential to her in early recovery,” reported Radar.

Demi Lovato remains in a treatment facility.