Olivia Wilde Hilariously Reveals Why Her Children Say Ellen DeGeneres Is Their ‘Real Mother’

Olivia Wilde is a bustling mother of two, young children. Her latest film, Life Itself, recently premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival and is now gearing up for its theatrical debut. Making her promotional rounds for the soon-to-be released rom-com, Wilde stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Tuesday, where she hilariously revealed that her kids say the talk-show host is their “real mother,” as reported by People.

Wilde, 34,might be a famous, Hollywood actress, but she is first a mother to her two kiddos: Otis Alexander, 4, and Daisy Josephine, 1, with whom she shares with fiance and fellow actor Jason Sudeikis.

After chatting about her upcoming movie, the focus of the conversation shifted to the House alum’s kids, all because of a picture DeGeneres jokingly gifted Sudeikis and Wilde six years ago.

In celebration of National Dog Day last month, Wilde shared a photo of herself in bed sleeping with Paco, the family dog, right next to her. However, it wasn’t Paco that caught the comedian’s attention, but rather the framed photo of herself lounging on the beach in a yellow bathing suit, which hung above the couple’s bed.

Wilde revealed that the picture had since been moved to a new resting spot.

“Now it has another very special place: outside the children’s bedrooms, so it’s the first thing that they see when they wake up,” she said.


“Do they say, ‘Who is that lady?” DeGeneres asked in return.

It turns out, the couple’s kids seem to share the Emmy-winning talk-show host’s knack for comedy, as they say she is actually their “real mother” and Wilde jokingly goes along with it.

“Yeah, they say, ‘Oh, that’s our real mother’. And I say, ‘Yes,'” she laughingly admitted.

In response to Wilde’s National Dog Day photo, DeGeneres decided to post her own photo in honor of the day.


As Wilde continued to talk about her kids, she shared how little Daisy is very eager to get on her big brother’s level, so much so that she actually lies about her age.

“She also lies about being 3, which is a really funny thing. You ask her, ‘How old are you?’ and she’s like, ‘I’m 3’. I think she so badly wants to catch up with her brother that she’s already lying about her age,” Wilde explained.

Nonetheless, The O.C. actress couldn’t help but gush how “amazed” she is by her daughter.

“She’s really very grown up; I’m amazed by her. She’s a really funny, funny person.”


As for Otis, it seems he’s already generated a taste for good music, such as the Beastie Boys, which Wilde admits she and her fiance “approve of wholeheartedly.” However, there is one style of music the couple’s son is also drawn to, which the Drinking Buddies actress refers to as “Ibiza-style, techno, spring-break dance-party pop.”


“I don’t know how he discovered it. We think he might be going out at night and hittin’ the ‘clurb,'” she joked. “This is why you shouldn’t send them to school — they come back with bad taste in music. We had done so well,” she added.

Fans can watch Olivia Wilde’s interview with Ellen DeGeneres below and watch her upcoming film, Life Itself, when it hits theaters on Friday, Sept. 21.

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