Prince William Is A Huge Soccer Fan, And He Doesn’t Want George To Support A Rival Team

So far, however, George hasn't shown the slightest interest in sports.

prince william likes football
Richard Pohle - WPA Pool / Getty Images

So far, however, George hasn't shown the slightest interest in sports.

Prince William has revealed which soccer team he doesn’t want his son, Prince George, to support. Of course, George is 5, so right now he’s more concerned with tying his shoes and learning his ABCs than he is with the English Premier League.

As The Daily Star reports, the Duke of Cambridge was visiting Acorns Children’s Hospice in Birmingham when he was approached by Clare Robinson, the mother of a patient. Knowing the future king is a soccer fan, she asked him about how the family’s fandom plays out with regard to Prince George.

“We had some banter about football because I’m a Liverpool fan and my family are Villa.”

Mrs. Robinson was referring to Aston Villa Football Club, a 130-year-old professional soccer team based in Birmingham. According to a May report in Goal magazine, William has supported the Lions ever since he was a young boy, having been taken to several games at the home pitch back in those days.

Robinson then went on to say that the prince told her that whatever team George grows up to support, he hopes it isn’t one specific team.

“He said as long as Prince George doesn’t end up supporting supporting Chelsea he’ll be happy.”

William is well-known for being the biggest soccer fan amongst the Windsors. Back in July, as England was making its improbable World Cup run, the Inquisitr reported that the prince tweeted his support for the home team.

The other Windsors are a lot less vocal about their favorite teams. Queen Elizabeth, for example, has never said a word about it publicly, but she’s rumored to support a London team, Arsenal. Prince Charles, for his part, once said that he supports Burnley – but he was in Burnley at the time, and he could have just been giving the home team some love. Prince Harry, like his grandmother, hasn’t said a word about it, and indeed, may not even be a soccer fan at all. He did, however, once quip that most of the royal family – himself not included, probably – are fans of London’s Arsenal.