September 17, 2018
Teresa Giudice Is Mom-Shamed Over 9-Year-Old Daughter's Top

Teresa Giudice is all too familiar with criticism of her parenting style. The Real Housewives of New Jersey star has found herself at the center of yet another controversy, this time stemming from a photo she shared in celebration of her daughter Audriana's 9th birthday, Yahoo is reporting.

In the snap, Audriana is wearing a black crop top that shows a bit of her stomach, which stops right above the belly button. The top also has a keyhole detail about the shape of an egg on the upper part of the chest, right below the neck. The girl is posing next to her mother and in front of a cake with lit "Happy Birthday" candles on top.

"Happy Birthday to my beautiful @audrianagiudice8 hope you enjoyed your party today [face throwing a kiss emoji] Love you, Mommy," she wrote in the caption.

The internet commenters didn't take long to start rolling in.

"I have always been team Teresa... but I'll have to admit this pic took me off guard -- 9 years old shes supposed to be wearing a big jojo bow on her head not a crop top with a cut out on the chest... that's a little much -- life already flies by us in a blink of an eyes little girls should enjoy being little she really looks like a little girl playing dress up!" one Instagram user wrote.

Other commenters were a lot less nice, calling the mother of four "trashy" and "disgusting" while others suggested that Child Protective Service should pay Giudice a visit.

But some among her 1.3-million fans also took the opportunity to stand by Giudice -- and her right to parent as she sees fit.

"If I ever want to get pissed off at society I come to your page and read the comments," another Instagram user wrote. "It's sad how many miserable people are out there telling you how to parent YOUR child. It's even sadder that the people who follow you think it's ok to make obnoxious comments about nine year old daughter because [you're] famous and you put yourself out there. Happy birthday to your beauty."

The 46-year-old is not new to the internet world of mom-shaming. Earlier this month, Giudice also faced backlash for allowing her 17-year-old daughter Gia to wear a romper to school, as Yahoo reported. Commenters thought the romper was too short and inappropriate for a school setting. Giudice has previously been shamed for letting her daughters wear all kinds of clothing items, including bikinis and makeup.