Ariel Winter Gets In A Twitter Feud With Iggy Azalea Over Eminem’s New Diss-Track

Matt WinkelmeyerGetty Images

After rap artist Iggy Azalea took to Twitter to comment on fellow rapper Eminem’s new diss-track, “Killshot,” actress Ariel Winter stepped up to criticize Azalea’s comments, reports Celebrity Insider.

Eminem’s song — directed towards Machine Gun Kelly — uses Azalea’s name once, referring to her as “Iggy ho.” More specifically, Eminem rapped that Machine Gun Kelly would never be on his level, not even on the level of Taylor Swift or that “Iggy ho.” Azalea took to Twitter to express her distaste with the song, writing, “diss songs shouldn’t be filled with celebrity name drops to pad out lazy bars.”

Azalea was criticized for her comment, as Eminem is known for his word-play, creativity, and technical ability — most would hardly consider him lazy when he writes his lyrics. One of her critics was the Modern Family star, who suggested that Azalea was out of line with the comment.

Her tweet read, “Is she seriously calling out Eminem for having ‘lazy’ bars…….awkward because…I mean…,” accompanied by a meme of a guy looking confused with question marks popping up around his head.

She clarified her comment to a fan, writing “I enjoy her music as well I just don’t think she should ever be calling Eminem’s verses lazy. Her music is fun but it is not anywhere near Eminem’s caliber.”

Eminem’s latest album Kamikaze targets many other artists in the genre, including those who criticized his previous album Revival. Machine Gun Kelly responded to Eminem’s album with his own diss-track, called “Rap Devil,” a play on Eminem’s 2013 song “Rap God.” In the song, the rapper refers to Eminem as angry, old, and irrelevant — while also calling his beard “weird.”

After posting the tweets in Eminem’s defense, Winter received backlash and comments from many followers and decided to post another tweet in which she expanded further on her comments towards Azalea using her Notes app.

“I’m not attacking anyone. I respect her and think her music is great. I only commented because I’ve been a fan of Eminem my entire life and I understand his raps are meant to be outrageous to discuss social commentary in a different way.”

She also condemned the way Azalea criticized Eminem, saying that it would make more of a difference if she had talked about how the lyric made her feel instead of attacking Eminem for it.

“It would have been more impactful in my opinion to discuss how she felt about that comment instead of criticizing his lyricism.”

Winter also clarified that her comments had nothing to do with the fact that Azalea is a woman and that she does not hate women.

“Difference of opinion with a female artist doesn’t mean I hate women in the slightest. If anyone actually checked into what I believe instead of just making comments based on one tweet they saw in passing, that would be apparent.”