‘General Hospital’ Weekly Spoilers: Drew Pressures Kim, Ava Gets Intense, And Ryan Shakes Things Up

Craig SjodinABC

General Hospital spoilers for the week of September 17 suggest that there will be tension in the air throughout Port Charles. Ryan is impersonating Kevin now that he’s escaped from Ferncliff while Jordan and Margaux are wondering how much Mike knows about the body at Charlie’s Pub. Kim and Drew have differing opinions on how to handle Oscar’s illness and Ava’s ready to shake things up some more with Kiki and Griffin.

The weekly preview shared via Twitter teases that Ava will see Kiki and Griffin spending time together and this will infuriate her. Ava will be visiting Kiki and she’ll see Griffin there, and General Hospital spoilers detail that she’ll snark about how she’d been worrying that her daughter was suffering in solitude. From the looks of things, Kiki and Ava’s relationship is nowhere near being repaired.

Oscar is unaware of how sick he is and this has caused friction between Kim and Drew. General Hospital spoilers indicate that Drew will pressure Kim to come up with a plan and She Knows Soaps shares that later this week he’ll put her on the spot. Drew feels as if Oscar deserves to know the truth and it sounds as if he’ll push Kim to change course on this front.

Ryan will be getting more bold and comfortable as he continues to impersonate Kevin and General Hospital spoilers hint that he’ll connect with both Lucy and Franco as he proceeds in his plan. So far, nobody has questioned how different he seems, but the buzz is that this storyline will heat up significantly quite soon.


General Hospital spoilers share that Carly and Sonny will be quite protective of Mike as Jordan and Margaux dig into the dead body situation. Viewers are feeling confident that this dead body may well be Margaux’s missing father and it’s known that Margaux’s determination to take down Sonny will intensify this fall. Soap Central teases that Mike will do something unexpected and Carly is going to be acting like a mama bear, perhaps in relation to both Mike and Michael.

Lucas is going to get some news and General Hospital spoilers suggest that this could be something upsetting, and Sam will share some advice with Jason. There’s more on the way with the Josslyn, Oscar, and Cameron trio, and viewers will see Anna and Nina interacting in some interesting ways. Lulu will go too far in some situation and Maxie will be confused in some way and tasked with trying to rein in Nina.

Chase and Finn’s father is said to make another appearance this week and General Hospital spoilers tease that numerous family secrets will be shaking things up throughout Port Charles. Things are going to get intense as the week of September 17 plays out and fans won’t want to miss a minute of the action.