Dave Grohl Plays ‘In Bloom’ At Voodoo Threauxdown Festival For Only Second Time Since Kurt Cobain Died

Dave Grohl spent a little time at the Los Angeles Voodoo Threauxdown Festival playing drums with Trombone Shorty. While Grohl is known to collaborate with almost anyone whose music he enjoys that gives him an invite to sit-in, his set with Trombone Shorty was unique in a lot of ways for the “Hardest Working Man” in rock. For Grohl, who has been a member of two legendary bands Nirvana and The Foo Fighters, stretching the boundaries of music is something he always seemed to take pleasure in trying his hand at.

Whether it be playing with Tenacious D, drumming for Probot so he could play with the late Lemmy Kilmister, writing a one-man rock odyssey as reported by Rolling Stone, or reinventing himself to front the Foo Fighters, Grohl is always looking for ways to expand musically. Consequence of Sound reported on another such instance when for only the second time since the passing of Kurt Cobain, Dave Grohl played the Nirvana classic “In Bloom.” Grohl played drums behind Trombone Shorty, a band heavy on guitars and horns that plays modern hits and classic rock in a style that is somewhere between a marching band meeting Motorhead.

Grohl generally avoids performing Nirvana songs and has only done so a handful of times since Cobain’s death. “In Bloom” is a song he has been very particular about avoiding. NME reported that earlier, Grohl had talked about his aversion to playing the songs that originally brought him to the forefront of the music industry.


“For years I couldn’t even listen to any music, let alone a Nirvana song. When Kurt died, every time the radio came on, it broke my heart. I don’t put Nirvana records on, no. Although they are always on somewhere. I get in the car, they’re on. I go into a shop, they’re on. For me, it’s so personal. I remember everything about those records; I remember the shorts I was wearing when we recorded them or that it snowed that day. Still, I go back and find new meanings to Kurt’s lyrics.”

The only other time that Grohl has performed “In Bloom” was at the 2014 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction, in which Grohl and Nirvana bandmate Krist Novoselic played a set with Joan Jett, Kim Gordon, St. Vincent, and Lorde. Fans fo Grohl have been posting a number of comments on social media praising the performance and hoping that maybe this performance will break the ice for Grohl that leads to playing some more Nirvana songs in the future.