‘One Piece’ Episode 853 Spoilers, Recap: Jinbe Shows Why He’s Worthy To Become A Strawhat

jennifer Broun ConorFlickr / Cropped and Resized

One Piece Episode 853, which is currently available at Chia-Anime, featured the continuation of the battle between Monkey D. Luffy and Charlotte Katakuri. Luffy is having a hard time dealing with Katakuri because of his ability to slightly predict the future. At the same time, Luffy can’t keep his focus in the fight since a small army led by Charlotte Brulee is planning to do something that will put his friends aboard the Thousand Sunny in great danger.

While Luffy is fighting Katakuri, Brulee ordered her siblings Joscar and Marscar to shoot flaming arrows into the Strawhat Pirates ship through the mirror. Jinbe, Nami, Brook, Chopper, and Carrot didn’t notice the fire in one of their rooms since they are busy escaping from Emperor Big Mom. Using a broken mirror, Luffy found a way to communicate with his friends.

Luffy commanded Nami to break all the mirrors in their ship to prevent the enemies in the Mirror World from attacking them. Nami was hesitant at first since if they break all the mirrors, it will be hard for Luffy to find his way out of the Mirror World. However, Luffy told her to obey his command so he can focus on the enemy.


Nami told his friends about Luffy’s order. They broke all the mirrors in the Thousand Sunny and stopped the fire. However, though they prevented Brulee and her siblings from infiltrating the ship, the Strawhat Pirates will be needing to deal with Emperor Big Mom next. Big Mom is currently riding a huge wave created by his eldest son, Charlotte Perospero.

One Piece Episode 853 showed why Jinbe deserves to be a member of the Strawhat Pirates. Coming from the Fishman race, the former Warlord has a vast knowledge of the sea. When the Thousand Sunny was about to swallowed by the huge wave, Jinbe took command and succeeded to save his friends’ lives. After learning that his friends are safe, Luffy becomes more determined to defeat Katakuri.

One Piece Episode 853 also featured Vinsmoke Sanji’s incredible cooking skills. To stop Big Mom’s tantrums, Sanji, Charlotte Chiffon, and Charlotte Pudding decided to recreate the wedding cake. Every time Sanji does something magnificent, Pudding faints. Sanji’s cooking skills were further tested when one of their assistants told them that they are 30 grams short of butter. As expected from the cook of the future Pirate King, Black Leg easily found a way to solve the problem.