Google Pixel 3: Upcoming Flagship Smartphone’s Official Color Options Leaked

Ahead of its 2018 flagship smartphone’s release, Google appears to have revealed the color options of the Pixel 3 series. Other design elements of the upcoming smartphone also appear to have been revealed.

The latest teaser for Google’s 2018 flagship smartphones come in the form of a Japanese website that contains images of three smartphone-looking devices. The website itself, which could be accessed here, is incredibly spartan, sporting only Google’s header and the words “Coming Soon.” Beneath those words were outlines of devices that look very reminiscent of smartphones.

Clicking on the Google logo at the bottom of the “smartphones” on the page changes the color scheme of the website, alternating between black, white, and a mint color. Cycling through the color options and moving the devices with the mouse also triggers a cute confetti effect on the webpage.

Particularly notable in the newly-discovered teasers was the fact that the white and mint-colored devices featured green lines inside their outlines. What this means is up for question, though it’s possible that the green lines represent the color of the devices’ buttons. The black smartphone features gray interior lines instead of green.

In a way, it makes sense for Google to release the Pixel 3 with three different color options. Last year, Google released the Pixel 2 with three color options as well — black, white, and “kinda blue,” which is, as its name suggests, kinda blue. The first-generation of the Pixel smartphones were offered with equally fun color names, which were called “Quite Black,” “Really Blue,” and “Very Silver.” With this in mind, The Verge notes that a color scheme featuring white, black, and mint for this year’s smartphone lineup definitely feels like something Google would do.

The Google Pixel 3 will be entering a smartphone market that is very competitive this year. The Galaxy Note 9 was just released, and even more recently, the iPhone XS series was unveiled. Both devices are powerhouses, with the Note 9 pretty much having every feature save for the kitchen sink and the iPhone XS featuring a notable spec bump from the already best-selling iPhone X. For the Pixel 3 to make a significant impact, it has to showcase something that makes it unique.

So far, Google’s Pixel phones are stellar devices that have great design and equally good build quality. Perhaps most notable, however, are the device’s camera, which has adopted single lens sensors for the last couple of years. Despite this, however, the Pixel’s cameras have been largely considered as the best in the industry, rivaling only the iPhone’s imaging sensors.

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