Bethenny Frankel Highlights Famous Friends Who Have Generously Donated To Hurricane Florence Victims

Dimitrios KambourisGetty Images

Bethenny Frankel, the founder of the Skinnygirl empire and longtime cast member of The Real Housewives of New York City, is back in full force helping victims of Hurricane Florence. Bethenny first got into the relief world after hurricanes Maria and Harvey devastated Puerto Rico and Houston last year. The mogul raised millions upon millions of dollars in addition to supplies to aid all the victims of the tragedies, and now it’s time to help the people of North and South Carolina.

Through her organization B Strong and with, Bethenny has been raising money all week to help those in need. The reality star has been asking her followers on social media to help as much as they can, and she has seen real support from some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry. Instead of keeping her donors anonymous, Bethenny has been asking her followers to thank some of these celebrities who have donated “generously.”

In just a few days, Bethenny has thanked Sia, Erika Jayne, Christina Aguilera, Erin Andrews, Lisa Rinna, Kelly Ripa, and Maria Menounos for their generous donations on Twitter. In her tweets, Bethenny also includes the hashtag “#femalepower” and encourages women to help donate to the cause.

Bethenny is currently working on arranging a plane to land in North Carolina to carry all the supplies she is currently racking up for the victims of Hurricane Florence. She was able to borrow planes from friends to aid in Hurricane Maria relief last year and was one of the first people to land in the territory and help the victims.

The Skinnygirl mogul is also asking her followers to donate solar-powered lights since hundreds of thousands of people are still without power and there’s no telling when it will be restored to the victims. Bethenny promised she had the man/woman power to distribute the lights and other supplies to victims and was just asking for help from her fans.

Several victims of Florence have reached out personally to Bethenny on Twitter, and she has responded. One tweeter shared a story about a mother-of-four with a special needs child who lost their home. Bethenny asked where the mother was and appears to be dedicating extra time to this family. She also promised a victim without power she was working hard day and night getting everything organized before she headed down south to ensure all her ducks were in a row before she arrived.

To help Bethenny and the victims of Hurricane Florence, you can donate at Be sure to indicate Florence when you donate, or you can choose another relief effort Bethenny is supporting.