‘BBC’ Refuses To Televise Princess Eugenie’s Wedding, Says Not Enough People Will Watch It To Justify The Cost

As Princess Eugenie’s October wedding date nears, there’s been plenty of drama in anticipation of the big day. It all started when taxpayers started complaining about the potential £2,000,000 bill that they’ll be stuck with after the wedding.

And then, it was revealed that the wedding would be a bigger event than Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s, lasting two days and involving over 850 guests. The news did nothing to quell the angry public. But now, things have taken a turn as the BBC has reportedly denied requests to televise the wedding, saying that it could be a ratings flop, according to the Daily Mail. This is what a source said.

“From the outset the instruction from the very top was that Eugenie’s wedding must be televised. The BBC was approached because they have a special relationship with Buckingham Palace and a formula that works. But they turned it down because they don’t think enough people will tune in and that there isn’t enough support for the Yorks.”

This is not something that the Yorks wanted to hear, as they probably weren’t expecting this response considering the “special relationship” between the network and the Palace. It’s believed that her dad, Prince Andrew, would be one of the most disappointed at hearing the news. However, it appears that ITV may pick up the slack and help make Eugenie’s day exactly as she wishes.

For Meghan and Harry’s wedding, BBC offered complete coverage, which included a live stream. The stream included the ceremony and the procession, giving fans a perfect window into the big day.

The wedding is expected to be a grand event, with floristry alone costing £100,000, detailed Express. The music will cost £25,000, and the dress, a whopping £200,000. But at least Eugenie chose the perfect dress, as this is what she said, described Town & Country.

“[The dress] is the one thing that I was really decisive about. As soon as we announced the wedding, I knew the designer, and the look, straight away. I never thought I’d be the one who knew exactly what I like, but I’ve been pretty on top of it.”

Some of the biggest critics of Eugenie’s wedding, however, have completely bashed the affair. Because Eugenie doesn’t have any official royal duties, many people don’t believe that she should be allowed to force taxpayers to pay such a high-security bill. Others think that there’s no reason for it to be such a big deal and can’t believe that the wedding is going to be bigger and longer than Meghan and Harry’s.

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