Royal Family Secret Code Names Are Shared By Aides And Bodyguards

Aides and bodyguards at Buckingham Palace use code names to refer to the members of the British royal family to maintain a level of secrecy in order to protect them. But though these code names are always changing, Radar Online has published the format that they use to come up with the monikers.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex use the initials "D.S.," and so at the moment, Prince Harry is "David Stevens," and Meghan Markle is called "Davina Scott" by staff.

Prince William and Kate Middleton are the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, so for them, the initials "D.C." are used. Prince William is currently "Danny Collins" and Kate Middleton is "Daphne Clark" to their staff and security.

These names are used over secure networks to move the royals in and out of events and to guarantee their protection in hotels and out in public. They added that sometimes the couples are just called by their initials as a form of shorthand.

The bodyguards, security staff, and aides use this code to keep members of the royal family safe in case documents, notes, or phones would fall into the wrong hands.

The current codes which almost certainly have now been changed were leaked accidentally, allegedly by an aide of Prince Harry.

"If anyone got hold of a phone belonging to a royal aide or security team member, they won't find Harry Windsor and Meghan's names in it," said a royal source, adding, "it is far too risky in the wrong hands. They get given code names but they are changed regularly for obvious reasons."

The Daily Mail says that within the royal family, the members have code names or at least nicknames for each other. Queen Elizabeth is known as "Gary" because Prince William had trouble saying the name granny as a young child. Prince George reportedly now calls the queen "Gan-Gan" instead.

Prince Charles is said to call Meghan Markle "Tungsten" because she is thought of as "tough and unbending."

Sources close to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle and Prince William and Kate Middleton say that the couples each use terms of endearment to refer to their partners.

Prince George and Princess Charlotte have their own security at their schools and when they are at play, but their details try to keep a lower profile to protect the young royals. This security was reportedly stepped up last year when there were threats made on the future king's life.