Florida Man Accused Of Killing Cellmate, Wearing Dead Man’s Ear On Necklace To Chow Hall

A Florida prison inmate at the Columbia Correctional Institution has been accused of murdering his cellmate and turning his ear into a necklace, a gruesome crime which killed Larry Mark, a prisoner serving a life sentence for murder. Mark was 58-years-old.

According to the Miami Herald, the ear is just one of the body parts that’s missing from the corpse. The murderer also dug Mark’s eyes out after apparently strangling him. The body was wrapped in a bed sheet and left in the cell while the suspect went to the prison cafeteria for breakfast with his victim’s ear around his neck.

Sources told the Herald that he brandished it proudly to the other inmates and said that he planned to eat the eyeballs later. He kept them in a cup in his cell.

Sources have also said that the suspect claims that he murdered his cellmate because Mark was annoying him. The Herald gave no further details as to what he might have been “pestering” his murderer about.

As mentioned earlier, Mark was in prison for a murder that he and a co-defendant committed in 1981 when he was 20-years-old. They were convicted for beating a taxi driver’s skull in. They also robbed the driver of his wedding ring and $35.

Arrested hands in a jail cell

Mark’s killer was reportedly transferred from death row at the Florida State Prison. Neither the Florida Department Of Corrections nor the Florida Department of Law Enforcement has released his name.

Hours after the murder, a gang brawl broke out at the prison between rival gangs, the Cutthroats and the Bloods. The fight was triggered by a dispute over contraband, the Miami Herald reports. Authorities don’t believe that the fight was connected to Larry Mark’s murder.

“Any loss of life at the hands of an inmate is intolerable, and we are working with our partners at FDLE to investigate this death and ensure anyone responsible is held accountable to the fullest extent of the law,” Julie Jones, a rep for the Florida Department of Corrections said in an interview with the paper.

Sources at the prison have complained about understaffing at the Columbia Correctional Institution, in the wake of these two violent incidents. One source said that in some cases there’s only one guard assigned to groups of more than a hundred inmates. They also revealed that many of the prisoners are hopped up on K2, a dangerous form of synthetic marijuana that’s smuggled into the correctional facility.

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