Demi Lovato Desperate To Sell The Home She Overdosed In, Per 'Radar Online'

Demi Lovato has officially listed her Hollywood Hills home for sale, but hasn't sold the mansion just yet. However, it seems that she is so anxious to unload the property, were she suffered a scary overdose, that she's willing to drop the price.

According to a recent report by Radar Online, Demi Lovato was found unresponsive in the home on July 24. She was given a dose of narcan by a friend and rushed to the hospital. Although she did make a recovery, she is currently receiving treatment for substance abuse issues following the scary situation.

Now that Demi is out of the hospital and looking for a fresh start when it comes to her recovery, the singer is said to want to sell her Hollywood Hills home as soon as possible.

"She's rather eager to sell and there might be a little wiggle room in the price," a source told the outlet.

Lovato reportedly paid a little over $8 million for the mansion, which boasts four bedrooms and six bathrooms, when she bought it back in 2016. She's now asking nearly $9.5 million for the home, and would make almost $1.2 million in profit if the mansion sells for the asking price.

The report reveals that all of Demi Lovato's personal items are still in the house, and that she is being very picky about potential buyers.

"She just wants to be sure that whoever is coming to view the home is a serious buyer and not walking through just to walk through," the insider stating, adding that it was Lovato's family who made the decision to "get rid" of the house.

It seems that Demi's mother, Dianna Hart, is calling the shots following her daughter's near fatal overdose.

"Dianna told her that if she does not want to cooperate and listen to her, she could consider going after conservatorship again," the source dished.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Demi Lovato's mother has also put some strict rules in place for her daughter. Dianna is allegedly ordering the singer to complete a stint in rehab, re-establish her relationship with her former sober coach, Mike Bayer, FaceTime her mother every day, and agree to take random drug tests at any given time over the next several years.

Hart also reportedly wants Lovato to get rid of any friends who may be a negative influence in her life. Demi has been through this all before, and was sober for years before her shocking relapse. Fans are now hoping for the best for the singer as she tries to get sober again.