Britney Spears Is Not Binge Eating Junk Food And Avoiding Workouts, Despite Tabloid Report

Christopher PolkGetty Images

Britney Spears has been showing off her physical fitness on stage during her Pieces of Me Tour, but that still hasn’t stopped one tabloid from claiming that’s she been bingeing on junk food and avoiding workouts.

“Britney Blimps Out On Junk Food!” the headline of a recent National Enquirer article reads.

The article’s writer alleges that the “Baby One More Time” singer has been downing 3,000 calories a day and “inhaling” fatty food like fried chicken, hamburgers and soda. It even goes on to say that Britney Spears has developed “a potbelly that she can grab with both hands!”

While there’s nothing inherently shameful about having a “potbelly” or eating junk food, the claim the Enquirer makes is simply untrue and Spears’ Instagram page proves it.

She recently posted a photo where she’s wearing a crop top and a mini-skirt. Her abdominal area looks flat in the photo and her body looks incredibly fit overall. Four days ago she posted a photo in which she’s wearing an animal print bikini and her stomach looks flat in that shot as well.

There’s even more evidence that the story is untrue when you remember that Spears has been on tour for the past couple of months. While it’s easy to believe that a pop star might get sluggish and put on weight while they’re on break, touring is a different story, especially when they have to do the choreography that Spears does.

Videos of her performances show her moving with ease on stage and there’s no sign of a “pot belly.”

Celebrity gossip watchdog Gossip Cop reports that they checked with a source in Spears’ camp to see if the story is true. The source said the claims were false, according to Gossip Cop, and said that the proof can be found on the singer’s social media posts.

Gossip Cop speculates that the National Enquirer writer may have based their false story on the fact that the singer hasn’t posted a video or photo of her working out in the gym in some time. But as we noted previously, the singer has been on tour. Dancing on stage should provide her with a great work out, so perhaps she’s opting for that instead.

Also, her Instagram page reveals that she’s been doing other activities to maintain her fitness while she’s traveling. In one post from a month ago, she talks about doing two-hour yoga sessions in her hotel room.

“Traveling from hotel to hotel can make you a little stir crazy, so I decided to start doing 2 hours of yoga in each room!” Spears wrote in the caption of a video of her doing various poses. “The bare floors gave me a pretty solid grip on the ground without a mat. I was very sore the next day, but at least I got to use my time wisely.”