Josh Radnor Feuds With Neighbors, Gets Them To Pay His $4,000 Legal Bill, Per 'The Blast'

Actor Josh Radnor may have had enough money to build a new deck on his property in California's Hollywood Hills, but he didn't want to have to pay the legal fees associated with an ongoing battle with his neighbors over that wooden structure.

In May of 2017, TMZ reported that the former star of How I Met Your Mother was being sued by the people living next door to him after he allegedly knocked down a retaining wall and built a 1,300-square-foot deck that extended over onto their property in 2016. The neighbors' filed the lawsuit to get him to tear down the deck.

However, things didn't start getting nasty until this past summer.

In July, the neighbors were granted permission to tear down Radnor's deck because he did not have the proper Los Angeles permits necessary to build the $130,000 addition to his home in the first place, revealed TMZ in another story.

Then, in August, TMZ published a follow-up piece that said Radnor had obtained a court ruling to block the neighbors from tearing down the deck.

According to the website, the family then claimed that Radnor and his roommate would yell at their family every time they went outside, took random photographs of them, and even tried to intimidate workers that visited their home. Also, they didn't like that he would sometimes be shirtless while outdoors.

That led to the neighbors getting a temporary restraining order against Radnor. The judge ordered the star to stay at least seven yards away from the neighbors.

At the end of August, Radnor got a judge to dismiss the temporary restraining order because he said the neighbors made "false statements," according to the Blast.

"I have never shouted at any of the Andersons, shirtless or otherwise," he said in documents obtained by the website.

He also stated that he does not live with another adult male, although he sometimes has guests stay over when they come to town.

Furthermore, Radnor claimed to have photos of the neighbors "climbing over the wrought iron separating the homes" to come onto his property to harass him, which he said happened multiple times.

The feuding neighbors latest court appearance occurred on Friday, September 14, noted the Blast, and Radnor again walked away victorious.

"The judge ordered any and all restraining orders dissolved and the case dismissed," according to the website.

The savvy star then put in a request for the neighbors to pay all of his legal bills related to the case, which total $4,000. The judge sided with him and ordered them to give him the money within the next 10 days.

Since How I Met Your Mother ended in 2014, Radnor has appeared on two television shows, Mercy Street and Rise, both of which have now been canceled. The 44-year-old starred in the 2018 film, Social Animals, which had a limited theater release and was also available through video on demand. In October, he will star opposite actress Megan Hilty in a production of Little Shop of Horrors at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C.