Aubrey O’Day Shows Off Her Fabulous Backside Sans Top

Singer, model, and reality TV star, Aubrey O’Day thrilled her fans on social media while serving as a brand ambassador recently wearing an incredibly daring look.

The “Pretty Little Lies” singer took to Instagram and shared an artistic picture with her over 900,000 followers wracking up nearly 20,000 likes in less than a day. In the artwork, it looks like O’Day is laying on the surface of a roof, but the way the camera tilted gave the illusion that she could have been standing up.

She’s wearing nothing but a pair of high waisted, deep blue jeans, and what a pair they are. They are Fashion Nova’s Party In The Back Skinny Jeans in Dark Denim. This style could end up rivaling a recent denim style that featured everything by the side and bottom seams cut out. The unique garment has large cutouts on the backside showing off the model’s pleasing backside. The Dumblonde singer pulled up one leg and then used her arms to cover up her bare chest.

On her face, the Marriage Bootcamp: Reality Stars actress wore dramatic makeup with a dark lip and smoky eyes. Her blue was also a darker shade than she’s used lately. She wore her blonde hair appeared to be tucked into a loose style.

She captioned the beautiful image, “the universe will always have its way.. to prove to you it wasn’t a mistake. fit, @fashionnova.”

Some fans likened the jeans to chaps. One even commented, “Chapstick love it!!! Cowgirl style chaps!!!” Still, others wondered if these jeans are available for anybody to wear, and somebody asked, “wait are these real pants….oh no…I mean GF is hot, and this is a great pic. But who would actually wear them.”

The comments from her followers also indicated that her showing off the Fashion Nova style worked. Several asked where they could be the unique cutout jeans. On follower asked, “What’s the name of the pants @fashionnova I need them.” Another tagged a friend and said, “I’m going to get a pair, want one?” One even needed a backup just in case writing, “two, please. In case the first one rips.”

The comments overall for the singer were positive with several people asking about her upcoming tour with the newly reunited Danity Kane. Inquisitr recently reported that the group, which formed on MTV’s Making The Band, will soon embark on their “The Universe Is Undefeated” tour. The concert dates will feature music by DK3, Dumblonde, which includes O’Day and Shannon Bex, and pieces from Dawn Richard’s solo career.

Catch O’Day tonight on episode two of Marriage Bootcamp: Reality Stars at 9 pm ET on WeTV.

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