‘The View’ Host Doesn’t Back Down, Calls Donald Trump ‘Illegitimate President’

A host of The View is not backing down in their criticism of how Donald Trump has handled the crisis in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria in light of his comments that numbers were inflated regarding the toll of human life.

Sunny Hostin, who as The Inquisitr reported on September 12 remarked that the Trump Administration allowed the people of Puerto Rico to die, continued her criticism on the September 13 episode of the series by calling Trump an “illegitimate president.”

Her comments came on the heels of two tweets by the president, which can be seen below.

Hostin was visibly angered by his response.

“Well, I think even if you haven’t lost someone in Puerto Rico, if you’re just an American citizen, if you’re just a human and have any empathy for anyone else, you should feel that this is grotesque,” she said.

“A true leader would offer his condolences to the people of Puerto Rico. A true leader would offer his condolences to the United States citizens and vow to never let something like that happen again. I think these statements make him illegitimate as the president of the United States,” Hostin remarked.

She also added that every American should be “disgusted” by his behavior.

Hostin then went toe-to-toe with fellow panelist Abby Huntsman, who attempted to defend Trump and noted former President Obama’s response to the people of Haiti after they suffered the devastating effects of Hurricane Matthew in October of 2016.

She noted that the Obama administration’s response to Haiti was swift, explaining to the panelists and viewers that Haiti is not a United States territory.

Hostin read from a card with statistics supporting her comment, explaining that the day after Hurricane Matthew hit, Obama had army recognizance planes take over the airport. Within two days, the Pentagon had 8,000 American troops on route to Haiti.

She also noted there were 22,000 total troops that arrived and 300 military helicopters overheard delivering food and water to the island. Hostin explained such a response can be done when a president cares enough to make it happen, as reported by Raw Story.


Huntsman cut into Hostin’s comments, explaining that she didn’t think it was fair to call Trump a dictator, but Hostin stood by her remarks of the previous day.

“I think it’s too generous!” she exclaimed.

“This president did not care enough. At the time that this was happening, he was more concerned with NFL athletes protesting and kneeling than he was concerned about what’s going on in the United States.”

The View airs weekdays on ABC.

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